Rob Kardashian: Cast on Dancing With the Stars!

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So much for that edict from execs demanding actual stars.

Another member of the Kardashian Klan has agreed to compete on ABC's Dancing with the Stars this fall, according to reports, but it won't be Kris, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie or Kendall following in Kim's two left footsteps.

It's Rob Kardashian!

A Rob Kardashian Picture

Multiple sources confirm Rob is officially on board, despite scheduling concerns. Yes, Rob apparently has a schedule. We can't believe that one either.

The two sides addressed the big issue of Kim Kardashian's wedding in August and whether Rob would be available. Turns out he is. Thank GOODNESS.

Other peeps rumored to be in talks to join the DWTS cast this fall include Evelyn Lozada, Hope Solo, John Stamos, Dina Lohan and Ron Artest.



I like Dancing with the Stars - and I buy the products of those who sponsor the show. I will not watch the show and I will not buy the products, if Weiner is a guest - that would greatly hurt the show.


I love dancing with the stars and would prefer stars who go into this with the objective of winning and will devote time to learning the steps. I do not wish to see big time stars acting like primadonnas(fools)who will not listen to the instructors(If this is the c-list or lower that is okay).


On the George Lopez show that he did last month he admit that he cannot dance its really all for fun and besides thats the whole idea. Its just too bad I couldnt be his dance partner.


If hes on Dancing with the Stars I'll definately be watching. Hes hella fine and itd be nice to see how he moves.


so much for the blurb i read that this stinky show was going to start using REAL LEGIT "STARS" not these wannabes..... then again, if you WERE REAL STAR you wouldn't be caught dead on the show.... FEH!

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