Report: The Situation Walks Off Jersey Shore Set

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The wheels may be coming off the Jersey Shore money train.

Last week, Vinny Guadagnino peaced out abruptly in the middle of filming, walking out of the house, heading home to Staten Island and not coming back.

Now reports say The Situation has done the same.

Mike Heads Out

Sources say Sitch (real name Mike Sorrentino) abandoned his costars and decided to head home early: "Mike walked off the show. He's so over the whole thing ... I don't think he's coming back. Everyone in the house is so unhappy."

The cast returned from Italy to begin filming Season 5 of Jersey Shore where it all began in the familiar confines of a Seaside Heights, N.J. beach house.

It's unclear what sent The Situation and Vinny packing. Maybe a lack of break from filming between seasons is taking its toll? Something is amiss.

What is the Jersey Shore without The Situation and Vinny? Something you would even watch? Are other cast members days away from bailing too?

Stay tuned, and share your comments with us below ...


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i agree that the show is stupid, but i enjoy watching. I think they should have had a break inbetween italy & jersey. Everyone seems burnt out.


really..who cares ? I still don't know how this ignorant show even lasted more than a few episodes..and as for MTV..that should stand for moron tv..its nothing like it was when it first started..what happened to the MUSIC videos? its been taken over by moronic shows like jersey shore glorifying drunken ignorant behaviour..its really sad what tv has been reduced to these days..and they wonder why society as a whole are stupid..its because they watch trash like that.




Im so confused why do people waste there time commenting on a show they hate. Youve obviously watched it. Put ur time to better use. Dont like it dont watch it, its that easy.....Situation is hillarious


yeah well tha show was stupid anyway. i never watched it, and with good reason. its just a dumb show about stupid idiots getting drunk and doing dumb things and doing things they shouldnt do on camera. they probably should have thought about what they would tell their grandchildren and children. Im pretty sure that if snooki had any common sense, she wouldnt have taken the job if she'd known she was going to go down in history as the pickle obsessed short drunken moron who gave a tree a lap dance... and hate me if you like this show but these people have no talent and therefore should not be on televison or be glorified for paying for skin cancer ( tanning beds) being drunk and doing things on camera that shouldnt be on camera. they shouldnt be as idolized as they are. theyre just abounch of stupies.


wow......i think its the producers!!!! heard how shady they can twist things!!! But without those 2 you can't lose these people there is something more to it!!!! It's nothing without them!!! get rid of Ron .... and bring back Vinny And Mike~~~


They should thank Mtv for paying them the rediculous amount of money they have made.. These people would be unknown if it wasnt for MTV, well they are very ungrateful people and i say good riddance to Mike, he sucks anyway! Was sad to see Vinny go though.
Oh and Mike's 15 minutes is about up anyway.. What does he have without the show.. absoulutely nothing.


Fuck that show is so freaking stupid I hate jersey shore and those guys are completly uglies as hell and a hate snooky fuck that


As long as Snooki and Deena stay I will watch. I did enjoy watching Sitch though. Wonder who will return for filming at the Jersey Shore house?


HELLS NO da show is gonna sux now!!!