Report: Marc Anthony Hated Wife's "Sex Symbol" Status

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We may never know for certain why Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony split. But it sure is fun to speculate, isn't it?!?

Yesterday, a report surfaced that simply stated the couple had been "arguing" for months and called it quits for the sake of their young children.

Now, another source is either changing that story, or expanding on it: an insider tells Us Weekly the singer objected to the glorification of his wife's body, specifically citing a 2010 photoshoot in which Anthony objected to pics that were "too sexy and unbecoming for a 40-year-old mother of two."

An Former Couple

The issue represented a constant battle for Marc and J. Lo throughout their seven-year marriage, according to this mole:

"He would make her feel terrible about herself if she wanted to wear something sexy. He likes her to dress in a demure, 'wife' style. He hated the fact that she was a sex symbol."

Describing Anthony as "dominating," another source says "he wants to control everything Jennifer does." And, come on, we all know Jenny from the Block wouldn't stand for that for very long.



Why do people keep bringing god into this? She dresses like a celebrity. The media was all over her when she toned it down. And no one bitches about lady gaga or kesha for dressing like sluts. Marc needs to marry a non famous person if he want to bitch about what she wears all the time.


BTW... NOBODY has the right to tell someone else, even their spouse, how they should be "behaving" as a parent. If you are there for your children and show them that you love them and care about their wellbeing, that's all that matters. Everybody else can STFU!!! What exactly does a mother or a father dress like anyway??? She dresses up for her job. Whenever we see pics of J-lo walking around outside of her job or an award show, She's generally in jeans and a T-shirt. If that doesn't say "mom," IDK what does.


My family and I noticed how up in J-lo's Kool-aid Marc Anthony was. I often wondered why he was always on the set of American Idol. All I can say is, GET A LIFE AND A CAREER OF YOUR OWN!!! He's been riding on the coattails of Jennifer's career since they got back together. I hate controlling people! It just shows your jealousy and most of all, your insecurity. Like someone said earlier, J-lo was a sex symbol before you got married and no matter how you try to bring her down, she'll always be a sex symbol to her true fans. Marc's just mad cause his ugly ass lost the prettiest woman he'll ever get! However, I must say That I NEVER liked the way they got together. Taking a man or woman from their spouse is totally wrong, and this could be karma coming back to bite both of them in their asses.


Hey Marc - stop worrying @ what your wife wears and worry about your other kids that no one ever seems to hear you mention!


If that is truly the reason it is stupid. She has a career and wasn't she a sex symbol when he married her. If that is true he should grow up. I agree with Abbey is there a Little Man Syndrome, he is jealous of her instead of proud.


Marc didnt like her sex symbol status?
hahahahaha. Priceless.
Marc is jealous of her fame & his career being stuck & doing nothing.
Can anyone say Little Man Syndrome?


I never liked Marc Anthony until I read that he objected to a forty year old mother of two dressing like a ho. I agree. She looks like a ho from the block. God bless Marc Anthony!!


I might be slightly out of touch, but it is my understanding that you do Not break up your marriage for the sake of the children, but that you "try to repair the marriage for the sake of the children". Jennifer "quickly" married Marc on the rebound from her rejection from Ben Affleck. While still married to his beauty queen, Marc was mesmerized by Jennifer. Jennifer married Marc to regain respectability. She married quiet, mild manner Cris to recover from the bad publicity of being with Puff Daddy during the shootout at the club. Life was evidently too boring with Cris after meeting Ben. Before the ink was dry on her splituation with Ben, Jennifer was marrying Marc. Hopefully this famous couple will consider all options before separating themselves as united parents from their children!!

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