Reggie Bush: Dating a Shannon Twin?!?

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Has Reggie Bush moved from one lookalike to another?

Sources tell Perez Hilton the free agent running back has already broken up with Melissa Molinaro, the woman best known for resembling his ex-girlfriend, Kim Kardashian. Who is the former Hesiman winner tapping now?

One of Hugh Hefner's exes, Karissa or Kristina Shannon!

Reggie Bush Photograph
Kristina Shannon and Karissa Shannon Photo

Yes, the Shannons recently moved back in to the Playboy Mansion, but insiders claim one of the blonde models has been spotted going in and out of Bush's Los Angeles home. Also going in and out? Nevermind... too easy.

So, into which Shannon twin's endzone is Reggie spiking his balls? Does it really matter?



eggie Bush has been together with Kristina Shannon Playboy Twin for 1 year. She recently done Big Brother Uk & has confirmed it in the most recent New'Magazine Uk - Issue 454: In a twin interview, stating "My boyfriend is Professional football player Reggie Bush, we have been together one year now!" Weirdest thing is its 100% True & yet Kristina follows Kim & all the other Kardashians on twitter! I deserve the credit 4 telling the Us the confirmed not gossip or rumored truth on who Reggie is dating! I wonder if that so called meeting with Kim & Reggie really happend now before Kim & Kris hump split! Everyone still thought he was probably dating that Kim look'a'like! T.N - aka - TeeNaNa Uk


Sara, I guess there seems to be more stupid white girls out there than
you realize.


does this guy ever date any black women? and i can't believe how any white girls could do this stupid negro


well i guess hes being like his first exs kim k


What a self-hating coon.


Hes having fun. Hopefully he doesnt catch or spread anything while hes sowing his oats. ;-)

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