Rebecca Black Releases Official "My Moment" Music Video: Watch Now!

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Aren't you the one who said that I would be nothing? I'm about to prove you wrong.

So croons Rebecca Black at the top of her latest single, "My Moment," the official music video for which has hit the Internet.

In it, the 13-year old lip-syncs in a recording studio one moment, while viewers are then treated to snapshots of her life in other moments: Black arriving in Hollywood, Black walking the red carpet, Black reading a newspaper.

The young singer also breaks out a few dances moves. Grade them and react to the video now!


Not as bad as Friday but still bad. The entire song was auto tuned.

Kelly r

Okay so she proved ME wrong!!! Really liked the song and her voice. I did say that she might sound better if it were a different song she was singing. The only crime Rebecca had committed was getting stuck with such an awful first song. Not her fault, it's whoever wrote that awful song!!! It's a good thing she CAN sing because there is nothing worse than a bad singer singing an awful song. I hope she goes far and all her dreams come true.


good for her! this song was so much better than her last one. shes sticking to her dream, screw what anyone else thinks!


It's not as bad as the last one... >.>


I really don't know much about the this Rebecca Black girl, But I wanna know why Robert and Kent from SYTYCD are in this video! I guess she will be on SYTYCD now sometime this summer =(

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