Reality Show Shocker: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries to Be Spun-Off?!?

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Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries will likely receive their very own E! reality show. We'll wait for the shock to wear off before we continue...

Sources tell Hollywood Life that “Kim and Kris have been filming different parts of their lives, including wedding prep, but their show hinges on Kris’s contract negotiations," referencing the free agent power forward's professional status.

"It all depends on what teams he ends up with and their rules for their players and outside commitments.”

Reality Show Stars

Considering the disappearance of Lamar Odom in the NBA playoffs, soon after his reality show started airing, this could become a legitimate issue for any team that signs Humphries.

Are 10 rebound per game worth 10 cutaways per game to his cheering wife in the front row? We wonder if Red Auerbach has to deal with such dilemmas back in the way.

Will you watch a Kim/Kris reality show?


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i know how the kardash feels i know what it feels like to loose a parent i lost both of mine kardash daughters are so lucky to have their mother i don't have a mother and father anymore


i love all of the kardashians my favorite all american large family i wish i was a kardashian myself i hope their is a kim and kris reality show congrats kim and kris love you both


To baby
Mason will not have his own spinoff because they are limiting his appearances on the show.I read that in an article.Even if he did that is Kourtney and Scott's business . You always have the option of not watching.


I want take part in your comment.


Nice wedding


Soon little Mason will also have his own spin off which will be 30 mins of him sleeping, playing and pooping.. Kim and Kris will attention whore their way onto his show of course! I'm surprised the 2 youngest don't have their own spin off and Kris and Buce too... Enough is enough KUWTK is plenty to see all of the k/j family


kill us all NOW. and QUICKLY.


Annoying bitches


never going watch it i wish they go away i wish i didn't liked kim k