Rachel Uchitel Pays Back Tiger Woods Hush Money, May Sue Gloria Allred

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Rachel Uchitel has repaid much of the money Tiger Woods paid her to keep quiet in the aftermath of their affair, and may sue Gloria Allred as a result.

Huh? Relax. It's even more confusing than you think.

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In early 2010, Allred negotiated a $10 million settlement for Rachel, who had planned to hold a news conference and detail her relationship with Tiger.

The mammoth payoff included a confidentiality agreement, which prohibited Rachel Uchitel from talking about Tiger. Ever. Here's where it gets dicey:

The confidentiality clause works the way you think it does. If Rachel spoke about Tiger, she'd have to pay back the money, as well as potential damages.

Several months ago, Tiger's lawyer, Jay Lavely, contacted Gloria regarding Rachel's appearance on Celebrity Rehab, saying they planned to sue over it.

While she never talked specifically about Tiger on the VH1 show, Uchitel's reality show treatment "addiction to love" royally pissed off Woods' camp.

Rachel felt strongly she had not violated the agreement, but Gloria convinced her she would lose if Tiger's attorney pursued the case against her.

That's when Gloria struck a deal with Lavely, an agreement in which Rachel would return the bulk of the money in exchange for Woods not suing.

But here's the thing. Because Gloria allegedly made a deal, she would still get all of her attorney's fees. Rachel thus believes Gloria sold her out.

By striking a deal in which Rachel gave Tiger's money back, Gloria would get paid, whereas if Rachel went to arbitration and lost, she would not.

Rachel went along with it at first, but now feels she got screwed and has hired another lawyer who is gearing up to sue the pants off of Gloria.

Her demand is simple: Either pay Rachel what she gave back or get sued for legal malpractice. She's given her a deadline, supposedly. Stay tuned.

In other Uchitel news, before Elin Nordegren and Jamie Dingman, her new boyfriend, started dating, he allegedly dated none other than Rachel!

Seriously. Not only was he dating Rachel Uchitel, the Tiger Woods scandal broke because her friend overheard her telling Dingman about it.

You cannot make this stuff up.


It is what it is! Elin is getting back with Tiger. Moving in together next month(October).


Oh this is sooo sweet!!! What they did was basically blackmail of a dubiously semi-legal nature and now they are getting their comeuppance. I'm no fan of Tiger, but Gloria Allred is such a lowlife bottom feeder and this Uchitel chick is such a skanky goldigger. I hope Allred loses big time and please no more reality shows for these cretins.


This is what happens to your typical "Gold-Digger"---Stupid bitch, just couldn't keep her mouth shut (or her legs closed) when she slept with Tiger in the first place. Just your typical airhead trashy Gold-Digger...Now let her sue ME!


That woman's stupid. Why would you go on a reality TV show and say that your addiction is loving people, I mean Tiger Woods? I would have just kept my mouth shut, that way I would have gotten paid and no one gets hurt. Well at least no one would know about the affair.


Pay back time.


OMG Why didn't she just keep her mouth shut. Just saying.


So this so called woman ended up with less than $10mil & shes going to sue the attorney that got it for her?
All because she went onto a reality tv show professing her 'addiction to love' instead of her own personal short coming (sleeping w/married men).

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