Police Report on Hines Ward: Wasted!

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Bar employees may have claimed Hines Ward looked nice and sober late Friday night, but looks can be deceiving.

Police have released their findings of the traffic stop that took place in Georgia, with officers saying they detected a "strong odor" of alcohol on the Pittsburgh wide receiver when he opened the door. Ward subsequently blew a .128 on the field sobriety test before being taken into custody.

The legal limit is .08.

Hines Ward Mug Shot

Ward told the cops he had only drank two Coronas on the evening and was not impaired.

But the arresting officer says the DWTS victor had a difficult time keeping his balance during a "walk and turn evaluation" and also had trouble following his finger. For a guy who follows multiple passing routes on Sunday afternoons, that's never a good sign.


Pull it together Hines...Keep it on the Right side of the track:)


This dude is a criminal.


you will be fine hines ! everyone is freaking out because you are famous is all. everyone makes mistakes! i hope you learn from it. see you out on the field kickin ass ! u the man !


He had only 2 drinks. 2 drinks at each bar?
You dont blow a .128 if youre sober.
Take a damn cab. Go with a designated driver. Stay home. We have DUI Laws for a reason.


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