Pippa Middleton: Queen of the Booty!

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Her royal hotness. Lord of the arse-tocracy. Queen of the booty.

She may be a commoner and not a Duchess like sister Kate, but ever since April, Pippa Middleton has become the style princess of the UK and beyond.

Thanks to a form-fitting Alexander McQueen maid-of-honor gown, Pippa's captivated couture critics, workout fanatics and plastic surgery lovers alike.

Pippa Middleton Booty
Pretty Pippa

“The latest craze here in the U.S. and across the world is to get the ‘Pippa Butt Lift,’” Miami-based celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Constantino Mendieta said.

Whether women go the surgical route or not, “Once the breasts reigned supreme, now it's the buttocks that are considered the best asset,” he adds.

The giant badonkadonk is also out.

While it was once trendy to boost a booty to mimic Kim Kardashian, “booty calls” for those two have been bumped for something Pippa-esque.

Mendieta explains:

“The buttocks has been an increasing and escalating interest over the last 4-5 years, but the iconic figure was Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian."

"Both have tremendous curves and large buttocks. While lots of people love their overall shape, many felt those derrieres were just a bit too big.”

“But ever since the royal wedding, Pippa Middleton has become the new queen of the booty! She opens the doors to those who did not know you could have this small, shapely and perky backside without the large size."

There are also entire websites and blogs now dedicated to the younger Middleton’s posterior, not to mention appreciation pages on Facebook.

Photographer Alison Jackson told the Daily Mail that she is working to create a Web series called, "How To Create The Perfect Pippa Bottom.”

On the fitness front, Pippa’s Pilates instructor Margot Campbell has inked a book deal to detail just how one shapes up like her famous client.

But it’s not just Middleton’s bottom half that has folks talking.

“I am definitely seeing a rise in Pippa-like features,” Constantino said. “People want their clothes and body to look sexy, elegant and petite overall.”

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Faith maguire

News flash for you Marrisa, I have friends of many ethnic backgrounds, and ALL are beautiful women. You are what we, the majority white community call a racist! And believe it or not, God created us all, and there is someone out there for everyone. Heavy, skinny, short, tall, black, white, hispanic,asian...it doesn't matter. Some men prefer big booty's, some prefer small, and some don't care one way or the other. It's what is inside that matters. I agree that everyone should take their health into consideration, however, even skinny white girls can be unhealthy regardless of what their booty looks like. You need a reality check, because just like the rest of us, you aren't perfect either. Such hatefullness over an article...


This is actually creepy at this point.


marissa is probably a fat heffer herself thats y shes lashing out lol ps look around bitch its not a white world .


A brain is a woman's best asset.

Jennifer miller

It is what it is!


If you people dont remember Beyonce has been accreditted for her behind and amazing figure for years. Not only white women get praised for their assetts. Get a grip you racist pigs! I am white and i do not think that only white women have good bootys. All females have a good shape if you try to stay in shape and maintain a beautiful figure. GEEEZ!!! SMH!!!


Wow Marissa! You do realize this is 2011? How stupid you sound!


Yolanda Soto. That's all I have to say!


SMH at Marissa. You're a disgrace to the human race. That's all I have to say.


There is a reason why it's sexy on a skinny woman.. Fat women are not attractive. Having a fit, shapely figure is what is sexy. The sooner you fat girls realize that & get healthy, the better. Wonder why there are no "Kim K, tanned skin" models? They're not pretty. And it is a white world. Always has been, always will be.

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