Piers Morgan Denies Role in Phone-Hacking-Palooza

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Piers Morgan wears many hats: talk show host, America's Got Talent judge, former Daily Mirror editor. But one thing the British celebrity swears he is not? A phone hacker.

Morgan was forced to defend himself today after Louise Mensch - a Conservative member of Parliament on the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, who grilled Rupert Murdoch during that News Corp. chief's hearing in London - accused bragging about his own history of breaking into voicemails.

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Said Mensch: "[Morgan] said in his book 'The Insider' recently, and I quote, that that little trick of entering a standard four-digit code allows anyone to call that number and hear your messages..."

This is simply untrue, Piers Tweeted in response:

"That MP just claimed I boasted in my book of using phone-hacking for a scoop. Complete nonsense. Just read the book. I've never hacked a phone, told anyone to hack a phone, or published any stories based on the hacking of a phone."

What a mess. Literally! Someone slammed a whipped cream pie into Murdoch's face during his testimony!

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On the subject of aptonyms, google it, or inaptonyms, names that have a special punch to them, Louise Mensch surely takes the Yiddishkopf cake! And Piers said she has no cojones, he really said that on CNN. I think Piers is toast.


It wouldnt surprise me to find out he actually had a hand in some of this fiasco.
This situation spreads wide & involves a great many people.
It'll most likely consume the news for a long while.