Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan: Totes Friends Again!!

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Looks like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have buried the hatchet.

We know. You can all breathe an enormous sigh of sweet relief.

The ho-cialites partied together in Malibu this weekend, with Lohan rolling over to Hilton's beach pad for a small shindig with some of Paris' friends.

Take Cover

Paris' sister Nicky, actress Emma Roberts and Inception star Lukas Haas were among those on hand, with one source at the party saying:

"Everyone was so surprised when Lindsay walked in; we thought they didn’t get along. But they immediately gave each other a big hug."

The crew kicked it on the beach, in Paris' hot tub and had a mini dance party - and not once did anyone see Lohan drink ANY alcohol.

Sources say Paris is "very excited" about her friendship with Lohan, adding that after they rekindled it, "She LOVED seeing her again."

We're glad to hear it and lope it lasts. Now we just need to get Britney Spears back in the mix to fully reunite the 2006 ho train.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]


Would you be friends please and we will hungout to togethet we will have fun lest fun please


thats nice that they forgave each other. shows how much they've grown and matured since 06. i think this time because they are older there friendship will last. they've learned to respect each other. i loved it when they were friends, + britney xD


ms lohan please dont be like amy she died i like u lohan ok GOD dont wont u like that ur a pretty women.


I think it's great that they've buried the past! Lindsay needs 2 b surrounded by gud energy 2 get better


i thought lohan was broke how can u have money to party but not to get councling doesnt make sence...

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