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Jury deliberations are underway in the Casey Anthony murder trial. Their decision is eagerly anticipated - and far more complicated than guilty or not guilty.

After receiving the case yesterday following closing arguments and a rebuttal summation by the prosecution, the jurors dissected it for about six hours.

Deliberations pick up today, with Casey's fate hinging on whether the jury finds Caylee Anthony's death was premeditated, not premeditated, or accidental.


Prosecutors argued Monday the 25-year-old killed her two-year-old in June 2008 because the toddler interrupted her carefree partying and love life.

Defense attorneys have tried to explain away what they call circumstantial evidence (such as shady Internet searches) over the past couple of weeks.

The jury received the more than 400 pieces of evidence in the jury room that have been by both sides in the case since the trial began in late May.

After the defense rested (without Casey testifying), the prosecution responded that the notion that Caylee's death was an accident made no sense.

Anthony's attorneys say Caylee drowned in the family's pool and that Casey's father, a former police officer, decided to make the death look like a homicide and dumped the body in the woods (George Anthony denies this).

Prosecutors say no one makes an accident look like murder. Your thoughts?


UPDATE: The verdict is in ... and the jury found Casey Anthony not guilty.

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The UK's most eligible and high-profile bachelorette, Pippa Middleton, continues to turn heads, land magazine covers and prompt endless speculation.

In August's issue of Tatler, the 27-year-old appears in black and white, surrounded by over-saturated flowers, in some Andy Warhol-esque cover art.

An odd choice given that the piece discusses her year-round tan at length, but what are you gonna do. Besides stare at that beautiful smile, that is ...

Pippa Middleton Tatler Cover

Gossip over Pippa's romantic life has been off the proverbial chain ever since the royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William back on April 29.

Naturally, a magazine called Tatler has to get in on that ... and take it to a new level by suggesting some potential husbands for the younger Middleton.

Their candidates range from on/off beau Alex Loudon, with whom she was spotted at Wimbledon, to James Blunt to Pierre Sarkozy, the French president's son.

There's also her ex/BFF George Percy and Prince Harry (recently liked to Florence Brudenell-Bruce). The list goes on and on ... so let's put it to a vote!

Tell us, who do you think Pippa Middleton should marry?


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Octomom Nadya Suleman is PISSED over an alleged interview she gave to celebrity gossip magazine In Touch. She doesn't exactly come off well in it.

Quotes from Octomom include gems such as "I hate babies, they disgust me," and likening her older children to "animals" who make her cry constantly.

Problem is, Nads claims, is that she never even gave the interview.

Bag It Octo

While we're not inclined to believe a word Octomom says, In Touch may be even less reliable, and making up celebrity quotes is kind of what they do.

"I hardly have 30 seconds to go to the restroom, I could never lock my self in the bathroom for hours," says the unemployed mother of 14 kids.

"I Love ALL my children, I do not regret them and it's just ridiculous that I have to continue to defend myself against disgusting, fabricated lies."

That's slightly redundant, but we get the point.


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It's been quite a summer for Nicolas Cage's son Weston.

He and his wife, Nikki Williams, were both booked on felony domestic assault charges yesterday after she allegedly went after him with a bottle.

This took place mere days after both got out of rehab.

Cage and Williams were taken to the police station for questioning after Nikki went absolutely out of control on Weston inside their apartment.

Weston Cage, Wife Nikki Williams

There was blood everywhere in the apartment and the place was trashed, sources report, although it is unclear what prompted the melee. 

Witnesses say in addition to cutting him on the arm with a bottle, Nikki Williams punched him wildly and threatened to jump off the balcony.

Police believe Weston was also violent and booked him on felony domestic violence as well, although he was freed on bail and she was not.

Nikki is still in custody.

Weston went into rehab after that insane fight with his trainer in the street last month and his wife of less than three months followed suit.


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Another Earth premieres later this month, but our partners at Movie Fanatic got an early look and spoke with the cast of this acclaimed new film last week.

Director Mike Cahill produced, co-wrote, edited, and served as the cinematographer for the film, while Brit Marling starred, co-wrote and produced it as well.

The third piece of the puzzle was William Mapother (of Lost fame, and Tom Cruise's cousin) who forms the other half of the main duo in the sci-fi project.

Follow this link for Movie Fanatic's interviews from the Another Earth premiere!

Another Earth Poster

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In Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe uses various spells to thwart Voldemort and the Death Eaters.

While filming this franchise, though, the young actor recently admitted he relied on a different kind of foreign entity: alcohol.

"I became so reliant on alcohol to enjoy stuff," Radcliffe says in the latest issue of GQ UK. "There were a few years there when I was just so enamored with the idea of living some sort of famous person's lifestyle that really isn't suited to me."

Reaching for His Wand

Radcliffe adds that he's lucky the paparazzi never caught him in a compromising, wasted position - and that he's enjoying his new, sober life.

"As much as I would love to be a person that goes to parties and has a couple of drinks and has a nice time, that doesn't work for me. I'm actually enjoying the fact I can have a relationship with my girlfriend where I'm really pleasant and I'm not f--king up totally all the time. There's no shame in enjoying the quiet life. And that's been the realization of the past few years for me."

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 - previewed HERE - hits theaters on July 15.

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Joe Jonas played an acoustic set in Los Angeles yesterday, and the crowd when gaga for the singer. In return, he went Gaga for his fans!

In promotion of his upcoming solo album, Jonas helped open a new Microsoft store at the Westfield Century City with a live set of music. He did so by covering "Edge of Glory," a rendition that earned Joe the following Tweet from the Lady herself:

Swoon! Nick Jonas singing The Edge of Glory. On my way to press conference in Taichung, listening to it. So dreamy! X

Jonas also delivered a version of "See No More," the first single off his September 6 release. Check it out below.

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Newly-married Kate Middleton and Prince William were greeted by huge crowds - and questions about their future family - in Canada this weekend.

While touring Quebec City, Kate was presented with a bouquet by a young admirer named Raffaela, 2, who was with her father David Cheater, 28.

Like many others, Cheater waited hours with his daughter to see the royal couple, who attended a ceremony honoring Canada's Royal 22nd Regiment.

Kate and William in Canada

"Kate said to me, 'What a beautiful daughter you have,'" he said after The Duchess laid her hand on the youngster's head and smiled at the little girl.

He added: "When I said to her I wished her and William well with starting their own family, she said, 'Yes, I hope to.'" So when will Kate get pregnant?

She didn't say, but watching them outside City Hall - where Prince William delivered a short speech entirely in French - they look quite smitten.

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It turns out fireworks aren't the only type of explosions people enjoy on July Fourth Weekend.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon earned  $97.4 million over the last three days, making it the highest-grossing opening weekend of the year. So much for audiences caring about a good performance.

A look at the top five from this holiday weekend:

  1. Transformers: Dark of the Moon: $97.4 million
  2. Cars 2: $25.1 million
  3. Bad Teacher: $14.1 million
  4. Larry Crowne: $13.0 million
  5. Monte Carlo: $7.6 million

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Tom Cruise starred in Born on the Fourth of July.

In real life, he was born on the third, and yesterday, wife Katie Holmes surprised him with a surprise 49th birthday bash at Miami Beach's SoHo Beach House.

Cruise's three kids – Suri, with Katie, and Connor and Isabella, from his marriage to Nicole Kidman – were all there to celebrate, along with 40 close friends.

Tom, Kat

The bash took place on the roof and inside the private venue, where guests enjoyed pasta, shrimp and other Italian dishes, in addition to chocolate cake.

Tom Cruise is in Florida now filming Rock of Ages. He's been a Hollywood rock star himself for almost three decades, with no signs of slowing down.

Here are some of THG's favorite shots of this acting legend and lovable nut:

  • Valkyrie Star
  • Kate Holmes, Tom Cruise
  • TomKat on the Red Carpet
  • Tom and Kat
  • Suri, Tom, Katie
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