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Who knew Ke$ha has this in her? Or, to be more specific, on her?

The eccentric singer Tweeted a few photos yesterday of her recent shoot with Terry Richardson - and there was nary an ounce of glitter or makeup to be found on her face. It's a side of the artist fans rarely see.

Scarlett Johansson, Nude Dress

Compare her typical look with this natural one below and choose your favorite.

And the Winner is?

Glittery or glitter-free? Vote now on your favorite Ke$ha look! View Poll »

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Effing Snooki.

The Jersey Shore train wreck may have caused an auto accident that sent two police officers to the hospital in Florence, Italy, but she says fans shouldn't blame her - obviously, because she's always on the ball - just the car.

"The brakes weren't really working in our Fiat," Snooki, a.k.a. Nicole Polizzi, says. "They were, like, old. I tried to use the brakes and they didn't work."

F'ing Snooki

"So to avoid the cops, I ran right into a wall so I didn't hurt anybody."

Sounds totally logical to us.

Following the crash that resulted in Snooki temporarily losing her license, the Jersey Shore gang stuck close to home. "The only time we [drove was] to the gym, so after that, we'd just walk around," she tells Extra.

Nicole and her cohorts return with new episodes August 4. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the sexual, violent Jersey Shore Season 4 trailer!


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Vanessa Hudgens doesn't just have short hair these days. She also has a short temper, at least when it comes to paparazzi taking photos of her smoking.

The actress was snapped with a cigarette in her mouth while riding in a pal's BMW this week. She reacted by exiting the car and confronting the X17 cameraman responsible for outing this bad habit, seemingly going after his camera while he tried to drive away:

Video rolling, the photographer screamed at Hudgens to "get out of my car," while the star yelled at witnesses to help and said: "He's about to run over a man, I hope you're filming this, a-shole!"

See photos from the incident and read more about it at X17 Online.

This isn't the first time Vanessa has gotten into trouble for smoking. In the past, though, a scandal emerged not from any nicotine inhaling, but from smoking hot images of the actress naked.

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Blake Lively, who is probably still best known as Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, was spotted looking nothing like her alter ego this week.

Sporting several new tattoos, including two butterflies and some bands on her arm, the 23-year-old star was in character on the set of Savages.

So Lively

The rest of her boho-chic ensemble is also part of her character's look:

Directed by Oliver Stone, the film focuses on a pair of pot growers who face off against a Mexican drug cartel who kidnapped their shared girlfriend.

The actress is having quite a busy summer. She's starring in the box office smash Green Lantern and filming scenes for Gossip Girl's new season.

She's also dating Leonardo DiCaprio and is rumored to be among those considered to star in a Sex and the City prequel. So, life is pretty good.


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Grey's Anatomy star Sarah Drew – who plays the virginal Dr. April Kepner on ABC's hit show – has announced that she is pregnant!

The actress, 30, is due in January, her rep tells People.

This will be the first child for Drew and husband Peter Lanfer. Congratulations to the adorable actress on the happiest news of all!

Peter Lanfer, Sarah Drew


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Warning: this video is not of the highest quality. But it may contain the hottest scene you'll see all year.

At Comic-Con last week, the cast of Breaking Dawn sat for a panel discussion, gave a few interviews and debuted a couple clips. The first focused on Bella giving birth. The second gave us a clear idea of how she ended up in that situation.

We're talking serious Edward and Bella sex, readers!!! In the following sneak peek, we see Bella brushing her teeth, shaving her legs and then running out to the beach to meet her new husband. Towel then meets sand, as Twihards meet bedlam...

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Kat Von D walked off the set of Good Day L.A. Wednesday, bailing on an interview at the last moment because she says producers went back on their word.

The LA Ink star claims she agreed to discuss her breakup with Jesse James on the condition that it wasn't mentioned by the anchor in the introduction.

According to Kat, that simple request was flat-out ignored by anchor Jeff Michael, whose introduction highlighted Kat Von D and Jesse James' breakup.

K. Von D.

Kat says she saw what was on the teleprompter before he read it, and even pulled a producer aside to have someone change the script.

Didn't happen.

Von D says she "very politely" informed them that if it wasn't changed, she wouldn't go on. They either forgot to change it or tried to call her bluff ... but she wasn't bluffing. Kat pulled a Paris Hilton and peaced out.

Later, during the show, the executive producer said Kat's only request was not to bring up Sandra Bullock or Michelle "Bombshell" McGee. Kat said only, "I have no interest in going back on, but I wish them all the best."


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Lee DeWyze is officially a champion in music and in love.

The American Idol victor proposed to Jonna Walsh on July 16 and you'll never guess what she said: YES!

Spencer Grammer and James Hesketh Photo

The question was asked over champagne on a private yacht at Disney World, according to People, as fireworks exploded overhead.

“Jonna is a Disney freak,” DeWyze said. “They were playing love songs on the boat and I got down on my knee and asked her. I had a speech prepared but it all went out the window so I just asked her. She started crying and I said, ‘Is that a yes?'"

The pair met on the set of Lee's music video for “Sweet Serendipity" and will get married in the fall of 2012.


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Rob Marshall and Lady GaGa joined the So You Think You Can Judge panel this week, as the dancers put in 12 performances. Makes me tired just thinking about it...

Sasha & Pasha - Quickstep (Jonathan Roberts) - Their dancing was over exaggerated in the beginning. It looked like Pasha was holding Sasha upright and, if he wasn't there, she'd fall right over. The dance was done well, but will probably be forgotten. There was something tribal about Sasha's dancing, but it could have been because of the headpiece. My Grade: B+.

Pasha Kovalev and Sasha Mallory

Caitlynn & Ivan - Hip-Hop (Marty Kudelka) - Just like the song, the performance felt very 2004/2005 as if Ivan was a contestant instead of an all-star. Caitlynn fit perfectly during the routine, but the routine felt safe and cliché. My Grade: C.

Jordan & Ade - Jazz (Tyce Diorio) - Tyce proved again his Jazz routines are better than his Broadway. Tyce implemented all of Jordan's flexibility and sex kitten attitude to her full potential. The assisted lifts and jumps looked easy with Ade easily lifting and throwing her around. My Grade: B+.

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Looks like the Crazy Nasty Ass Honey Badger has some competition.

When acclaimed nature film narrator Randall meets Spartacus: Vengeance star Lucy Lawless, what do you get? This, apparently. In her furry-vested, afro-wigged glory, Lawless brings the illusory Honey Badgerette to life - and your screen.

Check out the video below. Watch it run backwards!

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