Octomom to In Touch Weekly: Man, Kids Suck!

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Octomom Nadya Suleman is PISSED over an alleged interview she gave to celebrity gossip magazine In Touch. She doesn't exactly come off well in it.

Quotes from Octomom include gems such as "I hate babies, they disgust me," and likening her older children to "animals" who make her cry constantly.

Problem is, Nads claims, is that she never even gave the interview.

Bag It Octo

While we're not inclined to believe a word Octomom says, In Touch may be even less reliable, and making up celebrity quotes is kind of what they do.

"I hardly have 30 seconds to go to the restroom, I could never lock my self in the bathroom for hours," says the unemployed mother of 14 kids.

"I Love ALL my children, I do not regret them and it's just ridiculous that I have to continue to defend myself against disgusting, fabricated lies."

That's slightly redundant, but we get the point.

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If you ate going to insult someopne at least learn to spell, Uma, Nadya does not give a shit whether you pity her or not, so mind your own business! Pathetic how many haters out there!


This octomom did what she did knowing to be famous showing all kids around. She thought that would give her fame, support and wealth all that played on her before she agreed with her doctor to do it.
I don't feel sorry for such person take your own respinsibility and have your own lives. It is disgracefull having all those kids purposefully planed to live to exploit working peoples' taxes and resources. Make your own lives like any working families with kids, work, and also going to school for hope of better jobs.
Can't be kind to such explotors of resopurces. If you can't afford put to adoption, many parents who can't afford do. Such depending person on others' is burden and these are the kind of people never undersatand to make their own living and kids will do the same and cicyle goes on.


I side with InTouch who confirmed with CNN that they were telling the truth. Toxo has yet to sue for "defamation of character", if defaming her character is even possible.


Gonesi and yaya two more stupid ignorant people who pass judgement and should mind their own business! Gonesi would you like YOUR children taken away? I agree with Raych and you can shove your negsative comments because she is still their mom whether you like it or not! To Amber Lawson just shutup! You do not control anyone or their decisions! Get over yourselves, octomom bashing is so not cool.


I doubt the person interviewing her put her job on the line to tell lies on Octomom. Besides, Intouch is the SAME magazine she has chosen repeatedly for her interviews! There is a pattern here and it is Octo's. I don't understand why someone doesn't do the only thing that is going to help those children. That being, take them away from this woman. Everyday they are going to get more mentally ill. If they were dogs or cats someone would have allready taken them. Don't these children deserve decent homes too? I think society is so buzy watching the carnvial Octo is putting on that we forget these children have problems and need love and attention. Much more than she could ever give if she were normal.


Someone should just wet her lips and stick her to the window...


While I don't follow anything to do with this woman, if she couldn't afford the children she had before and then had more with no job let me guess welfare? I'm sorry it's people like her that I believe they should make it a law that if women continue to have kids that they themselves can't afford to feed, cloth etc that they have to get their tubes tied. There are a lot of women out there that can't have babies and would provide a very good home life for a child and you have people like her that spit them out left and right. Sickening


Yes the child is eating drywall. i have the copy of the magazine at the house with the huge hole and the kid has their head thru it. Raych===being a mother is a never ending job.i know im a mom to 6 year old twins a 4 year old and a 1 year old but she knew she wasnt able to support her older children why would she have more? thats ridiculous.i would never been able to support my children if my fiance didnt have a full time job and we stil struggle.She was hopin the attention she was getting would be her money tree and she would get rich off the kids

Free britney

@raych - I just meant "fabricated lies" is redundant. You could just say "lies." Much like "terrible tragedy," the adjective goes without saying. @Hopeflys - The kid is eating drywall? Gross.


The InTouch article has a picture of one of the octuplets peeking through a hole in a wall as big as her head. She is chewing on drywall that is hanging out of the hole. Octomom can say whatever she wants but one picture is worth a thousand words. Bad mommy.


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