Octomom Anti-Baby Rant: Caught on Tape!

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Remember Octomom's interview with In Touch, which she turned around and swore never happened, railing against the celebrity news magazine?

She totes gave that interview, and made those comments, verbatim.

We don't blame Nadya Suleman for not gushing about parenthood 24/7, or for being more than a little burned out, with 14 mouths to feed and all.

Still, "I am absolutely DISGUSTED by babies" is quite a quote:

Excerpts of the interview (conducted by a freelance reporter) were originally published last month by In Touch. Octo later disavowed ALL of it.

But the audio obtained by TMZ leaves no room for interpretation as she states, "Whenever I hear a baby cry, I cringe. I do not like babies."

"They make me sick. I don't even look at them. I have to look away."

Octo also admits to bawling and locking herself in her bathroom just to get away, a quote she was particularly adamant about not making.

Pretty sad. At least the 35-year-old has a high-paying job and supportive partner to help her out with that gigantic brood. Oh, wait ...


i believe those children are going to have alot of problems in lifei mean she says she hates them & can't stand to look at them what did she think would happen when she had 8 babies at once! it's just a sad situation!


OMG, I had to put my glasses on, From a distance I thought I saw Cassie Anthony!
My advice, Mom, vent to a therapist not a reporter.


I feel for Nadya but she made her bed not lay in it! I dont want her or her children homeless! but people have got to stop feeding the troll! she is like a parasite she take's and give's nothing in return, I know she said before she dont need no help, that is playing with people , watch when she speak's she has that fake caring face like she is really listening! in one ear and out the other.


She saw herself as an Angelina Jolie look-a-like c/w kids, and a prospective load of money. Didn't work, did it? The children will pay the price.


May God help this poor babies!


Those kids are going to have serious attachment disorders. The audio gives the impression that the babies have been left entirely to the care of a rotation of nannies, until just recently. Only now is Octomom making some attempt to bond with them... at age TWO. If any of those kids turn out normal, it will be in spite of their mother, not because of her. Sad.


She brought it all on herself.


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