NOOOO!!!! Kim Kardashian Diagnosed with Psoriasis!

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Say a prayer for Kim Kardashian, readers. She has been diagnosed with psoriasis.

The horrifying news was at the center of the latest Keeping Up with the Kardashian episode, as Kim took cameras along to her doctor's appointment. The skin disease affects millions of people and is generally harmless.

But don't think those facts didn't stop Kim from milking the disorder for all the attention she could, as she previewed the installment for her reality series with this blog entry: I head to the dermatologist after I discover a weird rash on my legs. Khloe freaks me out saying it’s ringworm, but it turns out I have psoriasis!! My mom has had psoriasis for years, so it’s good that I can talk to her about it.

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I have had psorisas for years, i had as a younger child but it wasnt noticeable and didnt affect me then. Nw i am 19 going on 20 had it 4 years nw on my scalp and legs and ears and elbows and tummy i dnt mind having it nw ive learnt to deal wit it, my scalp is clearing becuz i have been using simple shampoo it has no chemicals in it and doesnt nip anymre im trying the simple body wash nw. My dad has it all over his body i feel like i have a connection wit my dad and he understands wat i am going through he helped me wit picking the right creams .


yeah its sad that anyone has this, but u think she would be more concerned about her health rather than her making money or not. And treating her mom like that? Like it's her moms fault? Seriously? This girl needs to get a grip? She so shallow and self centered and to say she isnt is dumb! She knows she is and doesnt care.


Psoriasis is hereditary and nothing to be ashamed of. breakouts tend to occur more often because of living a life filled with drinking, smoking, being around smoke, and not getting enough rest. Psoriasis can be bad at the extreme level but those are rare cases. she has had it all her life but it is just now showing up. not a coincidence since her life is complicated due to her need to sue everyone under the run and also planning a wedding.


She may actually have a problem if she's never shown symptoms before and her psoriasis presented itself like that in only a week. I'm a long time sufferer. Imagine that covering up to seventy percent of her body. Entirely possible. She lives on her looks. She has a lot of reasons to be concerned. Psoriasis is unattractive, uncomfortable and extremely difficult to rid oneself of (symptoms) once it takes hold. Medications, except topicals that often don't work, can damage the liver, other organs and the immune system. One of the most common can cause a persons hair to fall out. I'm not a Kim Kardashian fan, but I could cry for her to see that she is going to suffer this horrible, disfiguring disease. She is a pretty, confident person now. If psoriasis has taken hold of her that fast, she won't be soon.


Clearly, Khloe was just making drama saying it was ringworm... not actually diagnosing since she isnt a doctor.


Really THG? You should be ashamed. I saw the episode, and Kim was merely explaining what she was going through. She just discovered it so of course she's going to freak out. I'm also insulted with the way you seem to shrug off psoriasis. It's a big deal, and not one you should brush off just because the woman you love to hate has it. If Kim had cancer would you say, "She's milking it for all it's worth, but it's no big deal, millions of Americans have cancer."?


Psoriasis and the medications used to treat it are serious. it can lead to psoriatic arthritis and many other complications.


Only in America, another shallow star knows nothing and scoops millions. Same goes for her empty headed family. While scientists with PHD's get compensated salaries equal to what she spends on her underwear!!!!!


Only in America, another shallow star knows nothing and scoops millions. Same goes for her empty headed family. While scientists with PHD's get compensated salaries equal to what she spends on her underwater!!!!!


Considering Kims entire life is based on her outer appearance anything that effects her looks in the slightest could be a problem. So, to Kim, maybe it really is a huge problem in her shallow world. Ringworm and psoriasis look nothing alike btw. Ringworm might actually be easier to deal with though. Since it is not a worm at all but just a weird rash that you can treat and is gone in a few days. Psoriasis keeps coming back, ringworm does not. Guess she wouldn't know that though

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