Natalie Nunn, Bad Girls Club Star, Hospitalized

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Natalie Nunn of Bad Girls Club fame has landed in the hospital after being severely worn out. She was taken there Tuesday morning after collapsing.

Following a trip to Cedars Sinai-Medical Center and receiving treatment for extreme exhaustion, the reality star reports that she's fine now.

After doctors treated her for exhaustion, she was sent home, and she wisely says she's taking a week off from her busy schedule to rest up.

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Even a bad girl needs to rest up!

"Dear Team Natalie Rock Stars," she wrote to her fans on Twitter after the scare. "I just checked out of the hospital. Everything is going to be okay."

We're glad to hear it and wish her the best. In addition to being in that club of bad girls, Nat was also linked to Chris Brown back in the day.



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