Nancy Grace on Casey Anthony Verdict: The Devil is Dancing!

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Nancy Grace does not mince words.

After watching the jury announce Casey Anthony's not guilty verdict live on her HLN show, the former prosecutor was in disbelief like many others.

While certainly benefiting from this case in the ratings department, Grace has railed against Anthony from day one, and was true to form Tuesday.

Making it clear she didn't expect or agree with the jury's call, she said "I absolutely cannot believe that Caylee’s death has gone unavenged."

While she empathized with the prosecution and the case they laid out, Grace said that "in the end, Tot Mom’s lies seemed to have worked."

She then proceeded to describe the mangled remains of Caylee Anthony in graphic detail, reminding viewers of what Casey allegedly did.

Later, she added, "As the defense has their champagne toast after that 'not guilty' verdict, somewhere out there the devil is dancing tonight."

Nancy's words, not ours. But it's hard to argue with her.

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Nancy "twin-tot mom" Grace keeps saying she is a victim because her boyfriend was shotand killed; they were probably aiming at her. Too bad they missed but should try again because she's now a much bigger target. AIM FOR THE BACK_SIDE, you can't miss!


Isn't it odd that now that the Casey Anthony show is over, no one is looking for "the real killer"....unless the poor child put duct tape on her mouth after cloriforming herself....they had the real killer.... but her lawyer was better than the prosecutor..There was no justice for Callie.


Since i have seen on TV the remark Mr defense att/Mason said they knew from day one, that caylee drowned.So thyrefore could she caysee anthony be tried again of improper disposel of her child in a dump swamp area and not to report this to 911 it should be a diffrent case now since they and her knew this.


Nancy Grace is ugly inside and out. She has been ignigting people to hurt Casey Anthony. Tot Grace fakes her tears while encoureging people to commit a crime. She is not a good human being, she wishes bad to others, and does not realize that someone may have similar wishes against her and her loved ones. Little Caylee will not rest in peace as long this evil woman, a fake prosecutor and fake human being continues profiting with the showing of the little girl's pictures and movie clips. I am glad that she has been ridiculed by the defense team. Nancy Grace is the Devil's whore!!


Perhaps the people in Florida are too laxed. We know of a man and woman in Florida who sxually molested their children; The step-father got 6 yrs and the mother got nothing.If these things happened in Louisiana. Casy Anthony would have gotten life in prison. The couple who molested their kids would be sitting in prison if they lived in Louisiana. People and laws are different from state to state.


Nancy seems to have devoted all of her energy to tot mom forgetting that there is other victims out there such as the little boy who lost his life recently behind of a psycho, personally no one may ever know the truth and thats one for you Nancy give it up as we all have to move on to more productive things such as reporting what is now happening around us, if Casey is truly guilty her day will come and I presume not from an over obsessive person who made it her life's mission to mentally stalk Casey.


Once Casey is out of Florida how will you get her back to be with the Gonzales trial. Or all the money situations she's got in front of her. Or can she even leave with all the court stuff she has to still deal with. Will she have to be responsible for all of the money things or will all of it be dropped if she leaves? Will she be accountable for ANYTHING?


I'm so disgusted by the verdict. If I was one of the jurors, I woudn't be able to sleep at night. They had plenty of evidence to convict but they choose not to see, they didn't use their common sense, and they even heard it from Casey's parents. Just the fact that the jury went from a 10-2 guilty verdict to a not guilty verdict, shows they were not serious at all. She lied to buy time so Caylee's little body would decompose and there would be no evidence of chloroform and God knows what else in her system. She got away with murder here on earth but she's not going to escape divine justice.