Nancy Grace Defends Casey Anthony Comments, Says Jury Was "Absolutely Wrong"

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HLN host Nancy Grace could not believe that Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murder earlier this week, and she let the world know it.

Criticized by some for her outspoken views, even after Anthony was cleared in her two-year-old's death, Grace has only grown more defiant.

As the de facto TV face of the trial - and whose show received huge ratings - Grace steadfastly believes a cold-blooded murder walked free.

Having coined the derogatory moniker "Tot Mom" for Casey, Nancy Grace went off on her immediately after she was acquitted Tuesday (above).

Yesterday, asked if she went too far, she told the New York Post this:

"I feel the jury was absolutely wrong. I feel they went into this case with the mindset to acquit and not to have their minds open."

"For them to say Tot Mom was a good mother is astounding to me."

"The day Caylee died, before that day and for the months on end that 'Tot Mom' was out partying, staying over with her boyfriend."

"There was no babysitter, so where was Caylee?" Grace says. "Everyone knew [Caylee Anthony] was being babysat in a car trunk."

Grace, a former prosecutor and the mother of 3-year-old twins, knows that she's enraged many viewers with her outspoken views.

But she's not about to tone down the rhetoric anytime soon.

"I find it odd that people think it's bad to disagree," she says. "Why? We all have common sense and can add two plus two and get four."

"To pretend I don't understand the evidence ... I do, and it all points to [Casey's] guilt," she says. "Nobody has a problem saying O.J. was guilty of double murder. The facts indicate to me that Casey Anthony is guilty of murder."

"I am part of the justice system, and when it fails it hurts me personally and deeply to see a miscarriage of justice," she says.

"I believe that's what this is. The only people I'm happy for are [George and Cindy Anthony]; this is something of an ease to their suffering. They've already got a life sentence ... to have to go through this every day."

Grace was asked what she'd say to Casey Anthony personally.

"There's no do-over in our justice system, so I'd ask her to just try not to lie for a minute, and tell me why it had to be that way," she says.

"Other mothers are faced with much worse circumstances and don't resort to violence. Cindy would have taken Caylee in a heartbeat."

"Why couldn't that be? The one thing that is calming and soothing to me is that I know that Caylee is being loved right now and is in a place where her mother can't hurt her anymore."

Again, we gotta ask: Casey Anthony ...


Nancy, we thank you for the news you have been bringing us on the Anthony trial. But it is now time for closure, ppl are upset, and George and Cindi, getting death threats. It is time to calm people down, not inflame them anymore. i am one of the people who would not pay a dime to see Casey on any type show, to tell her story. People have made tons of money off this woman already. From Kronk, to River Cruise to and not least ..the media. The Media is after high ratings to charge for advertising. So Nancy, you are making money off Caylee's death. Causing TRAUMA to people, by all of your DRAMA. rascal Flatts song is beautiful about Caylee, but he will also be making money off this misfortune. QUIT THE MADNESS. Calm people down, and if anyone is killed, thank people like yourself that has inflammed people. CALM PEOPLE DOWN, QUIT ADDING TO THE DRAMA PLEASE.


I completely agree with everything Nancy Grace said....I watch Nancy almost every evening.


I agree that we all should do our part to ensure the Anthony's are in no way able to profit from this miscarriage of justice. Watch no interviews, buy NO books.
A sweet innocent young life has been taken. Casey walks free. There may be no justice for little Caylee now, but justice will no doubt be served when Casey (and anyone who may have assisted her) meet their Maker. On THAT Judgment Day there will be NO MISTAKES!


" The only people I'm happy for are [George and Cindy Anthony]; this is something of an ease to their suffering. They've already got a life sentence ... to have to go through this every day." I find it hard to believe that Nancy Grace feels sorry for anyone. She is just another cold blooded prosecutor that can't stand being losing. To think that George or Cindy Anthony or even the brother had nothing to do with any of this is showing that Nancy Grace is a one sided exploiting high ratings drama queen. Why anyone would actually look at Nancy Grace with her insanity plainly in view is beyond my understanding. I bet Nancy Grace is enjoying her fat bonuses on her high ratings that IMO she doesn't deserve any more then the Anthony Family or the worthless layers do when they all see their wealth from this whole media driven circus. May they all rot in hell.


I suspected jury tampering immediately. Is anyone going to check this out? I'd also like to know what is to be done about all the destructive lies told by the defense about George, Lee, Ms Gonzales and others. Their lives are ruined.... what is to be done about it. and Nancy Grace does matter! She kept that child's name and plight before the world when nobody else could be bothered.


Now that the trial is over I can finally have my say. Shortly after I was picked as a juror along with the 14 others, I was approached by a member of the Baez team. I was offered a payment of $10,000 if I would hold out as a non-guilty verdict and thus, hang the jury. This didn't need to occur and no payment was ever received. "On The Jury"


I can't believe how bad the jury messed up.
They took only 11 hours and came out with not guilty?
Vince Lombardi used to yell when his team was not playing well ... "What the hell is going on around here?"
I'm yelling that about this jury. George Vreeland Hill


my commet is the jurors not set an pray about it just didnt think about this little girl life. And casey dont have no sad about her little she going to still live a worlded life yes. Now her child gone she dont have no children hold her down her life free. She can do what she want.she not going to set down an realize her child is as a mother i counldnt think right. She didnt have that heart.


am so sad about a little girl life got taking commet is she didnt kill her why she not pushing the issue now to find that person who kill calyee.why shenot telling now today where she where why she not commet on what happen is she going to she going to take lie deiteve test. When she go to court on the nanny the first thing the nanny would ask her what made her lie on me.i no to cover her no only god no what happen he sees all things. An his word said thou shall not kill.and why she where against here mother the one love that little girl. Her mother wanted casee to live calee with her that same night when casee storm out the house so if she would of lelf calee she would not been kill think about that. Last thing its not over.


Casey said it her self in one of her jail house conversations with her dad.This isnt about Caylee dad its about me.That speaks out loud for its self.

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