Nancy Grace Defends Casey Anthony Comments, Says Jury Was "Absolutely Wrong"

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HLN host Nancy Grace could not believe that Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murder earlier this week, and she let the world know it.

Criticized by some for her outspoken views, even after Anthony was cleared in her two-year-old's death, Grace has only grown more defiant.

As the de facto TV face of the trial - and whose show received huge ratings - Grace steadfastly believes a cold-blooded murder walked free.

Having coined the derogatory moniker "Tot Mom" for Casey, Nancy Grace went off on her immediately after she was acquitted Tuesday (above).

Yesterday, asked if she went too far, she told the New York Post this:

"I feel the jury was absolutely wrong. I feel they went into this case with the mindset to acquit and not to have their minds open."

"For them to say Tot Mom was a good mother is astounding to me."

"The day Caylee died, before that day and for the months on end that 'Tot Mom' was out partying, staying over with her boyfriend."

"There was no babysitter, so where was Caylee?" Grace says. "Everyone knew [Caylee Anthony] was being babysat in a car trunk."

Grace, a former prosecutor and the mother of 3-year-old twins, knows that she's enraged many viewers with her outspoken views.

But she's not about to tone down the rhetoric anytime soon.

"I find it odd that people think it's bad to disagree," she says. "Why? We all have common sense and can add two plus two and get four."

"To pretend I don't understand the evidence ... I do, and it all points to [Casey's] guilt," she says. "Nobody has a problem saying O.J. was guilty of double murder. The facts indicate to me that Casey Anthony is guilty of murder."

"I am part of the justice system, and when it fails it hurts me personally and deeply to see a miscarriage of justice," she says.

"I believe that's what this is. The only people I'm happy for are [George and Cindy Anthony]; this is something of an ease to their suffering. They've already got a life sentence ... to have to go through this every day."

Grace was asked what she'd say to Casey Anthony personally.

"There's no do-over in our justice system, so I'd ask her to just try not to lie for a minute, and tell me why it had to be that way," she says.

"Other mothers are faced with much worse circumstances and don't resort to violence. Cindy would have taken Caylee in a heartbeat."

"Why couldn't that be? The one thing that is calming and soothing to me is that I know that Caylee is being loved right now and is in a place where her mother can't hurt her anymore."

Again, we gotta ask: Casey Anthony ...


The jury and the judge let this pig out of jail...


Nancy Grace is so obcessed with this case its really getting out of hand. Nancy talks about casey going to make money off this what a hypocret Nancy is making so much money off her coverage of TOT MOM !!! Hey Nancy LET IT GO !!! Before you end up getting someone killed leave her alone!!!


WHO cares what she is wearing / where she is / what she is doing - SHE has been found FREE through OUR lack of system. GET OFF HER!!!! We all know she did it - just like OJ, it will come back to her. OJ did it, we all know that and it came back to him.


Re: Pierce Morgan show (7/18).
You did an awesome job putting Pierce in his place.
Casey is guilty all the way.
Jurors were dumb A-----.


"Please don't take my sunshine away" being one of the first songs I taught my children and grandchildren as they began to talk, along with "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", will forever remind me of Little Caylee and I hope Tot Mom gets a pang in the region of her heart whenever she hears that song from this day forward, knowing she took Little Caylee's Sunshine away........Having followed the trial on the HLN channel very closely and having spent quite a few years as a Legal Assistant, I am also appaled at the verdict of the jury and join the ranks of those that feel betrayed by the legal system...long story short, I am a mother and grandmother and have enjoyed my children and also taught "You are my Sunshine" song to them and meant it wholeheartedly.... God Bless Cindy and George and thanks Nancy Grace for caring.


just because you don't agree, don't keep beating it into the ground like Nancy. This country is run/founded on the judicial system. It's not the first time a verdict has been unpopular but as country based on those principals we have to abide. Nancy needs to get over herself and remember she is a lawyer first and a citizen second.


Nancy, how you raise your children ......they willl become...yes they do drift away..... but do they kill their babies? not have Cindy & George on your program......I will leave your program. if they are on....Cindy is a liar and so is George....also they made money and now are trying to appear on net works wait & see for money ...they are both out of work....Yes Casey is guilty of killing her beautiful baby of 2 years old........ Caylee Anthony........ will as the saying goes .....what goes around .....comes around.....Arlene from TX.


Casey lied about George & Lee, thats why she won't face her family & refused to see her mom. And hell NO she wouldn't watch my grand kids. No child should ever be around her.


Sorry all, the jury did the right thing in finding her not guilty. The prosecution in this case failed to show enough proof. As for Nancy, you need HARD EVIDENCE to convict. The prosecutions case was entirely CIRCUMSTANTIAL. Not going to get a conviction with that. This is the same reason OJ was acquitted. Blame the prosecution in this case.


Reply to Barbara Ann. Interesting that you say that. I never watched a single one of Nancy Grace's whatever it is that you're mentioning here. I'm a big girl -- I can decide what I believe all by myself. This happens to be a blog where I came to during a routine google of the case. I watched most of trial, and I can say unequivocally that I was dumbfounded when I heard the verdict. No one had to inform me that it was a terrible carriage of justice. I figured it out on my own. I listened to everything that the lawyers said--both sides. It's a mystery to me how the jury came to their outrageous conclusion, without even so much as putting their questions to the judge.

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