Mother of Brock Ritter Defends Son's Appearance on Toddlers & Tiaras

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Toddlers & Tiaras is the most despicable show on reality television. And, yes, we know: that's saying a lot!

But many believes the TLC series sunk to a new low this week when it featured eight-year old Brock Ritter as a beauty pageant contestant. He's a boy.

The self-described "diva" hails from Michigan and has a mom, Tori, who says she's simply trying to "nurture" her child.

"I support what his ideas are and what he wants to do because people say you have to open your kids up to opportunities and let them try different things," Tori told TV Guide. "We've both played soccer. We've kicked the ball around with him in the back yard and he has no interest in doing that.

Defending the spray tan on her son as part of "dress-up," Tori has this to say about those who criticize child pageants overall:

"It would be interesting to take a poll on how many of those people have sat in an audience or have had hands-on experience in a pageant. I think the people who are bashing are on the outside looking in."

Do you think Brock should have been on Toddlers & Tiaras?


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my son is 4yrs old and if he wanted to do a pageant i would support him becuase as a parent thats what im supposed to do and kids nowadays know what they like at an early age..i see nothing wrong w this lady letting her son be on toddlers and tiaras


Children at aged 5 dont have the mental capacity to decide...yes, I want to be in a competition, told what to wear, how to act, spend an inordinate amount of time practicing my talent under the watchful eye of an ever critical parent. Yes, all 5yr olds would love that kind of pressure. Sure.


this is an amazing mother, shes not shunning her child to be something hes not. Shes supports him, & thats whats important. If she keeps it up, hes going to grow up being a great kid.


@mufinmom I couldn't agree with you more. Couldn't have been said better!!


Good for this mom. While I personally think the spray on tan is a overboard and not necessary, let the boy pursue HIS interests. @Terra...wake up to reality. Not all boys take to a helmet, ball, glove and bat. Or any other sports. What a narrow point of view of boys you seem to have! In that vein, teach your kids the same and to practice TOLERANCE. Just because a boy doesn't like sports does NOT make them automatically gay!


Your suppose to support your child in anything they want to do. Except things that are absolutely crazy, paegants aren't one of those things.


If the show is bad because it teaches children to be self centered then why does America choose every year one special PAGENT winner to be our embassader or whatever it is she does? Little girls are princesses why not treat them as such if thats what they want & as for the boys well if they wanna do stuff like that its up to them cause you cant change who our kids want to be. Proud Mom to a handsome Prince!


I find this child adorable!! If he wants to do it let him! Its his life, I think you should always let your child choose what he/she wants to do in life, and you should support it. The more you show support and let that child do what they want, the more they will be in drama clubs and having fun rather than out drinking and doing drugs, partying because its a rebellious thing to do and you never let them do what they want so they are out doing things they shouldn't! So Think about it, if it was your child, let them do what they want, making sure its safe and they are happy or let them grow up little jerks and end up in Jail for committing a crime...your choice! Let your child choose what he/she wants to do.


Seriously? Don't you people have some "big" celerity to stalk to see how much weight they gained? Who care is brock was on toddlers and tiaras there have been boys on this show before! If he wants to do them let him who are we to say that he can't? What if someone said um Im sorry but you can't do your dream of doing blah blah...ya.. and just because he is a guy doesn't mean that he has to do guy things he can do girl things! What worries me is all you people being so worried about something that is nothing.


I don't believe in boys over the age of 5 should be in pageants because of the fact that you are teaching/supporting your son to act and basically walk, talk, and even look like a girl. It is not right trying/forcing your son into becoming a little Adam Lambert. Give the boy a helmet, bat, glove, and ball then tell him to go play ball with the boys down the street at the ball park.