Mother of Anna Sophia Berglund Insists: No Hef Banging Here!

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Yes, Anna Sophia Berglund is Hugh Hefner's "best girl." That's what the Playboy owner labeled Miss January 2011 as late last month.

But, no, that doesn't mean Berglund is actually getting it on with someone old enough to be her grandfather, at least not according to a woman who really doesn't want that rumor to be true: Anna's mother.

Hef and Anna Sophia Berglund

"They met at a party a few years back, but they are JUST FRIENDS," Lena Griffin said to TMZ. "It makes me feel so much better to know there is not any hanky-panky going on."

It would make Shera Bechard feel better, too. That blonde has also been linked sexually to Hefner and she'd be aghast if he were actually doing two women simultaneously. It would be so unlike the guy.


Uh yeah, sure this young womans mother would know what her daughter is doing with Hef (or anyone else) because she would not lie to her mother about a relationship her mother would not approve of, right? Really, come on now, I don't care if she is or is not banging Hef, she is an adult and that is her choice. But don't lie about it. I would have a tiny, tiny bit of respect for someone who said yeah, I'm doing this, but I have zero respect for someone who is doing it and lying about it.

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