Miley Cyrus to Fans: Get Your Good On!

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For the second summer in a row, Miley Cyrus is delivering an important message to fans: get your good on!

In a new video, the singer speaks on behalf of the website Get Ur Good On, which pushes teens to get into charity.

“The mission of the foundation… is [for] kids to encourage other kids not to spend time putting each other down, but to come together and meet through this, and for it not to be about anything else but love and the passion of doing good,” Cyrus said, adding:

“You can do anything [on the site] that inspires you, it’s what you want to change and what you want to do. It’s kids making their opinions matter and getting out there and changing the world.”

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miley cyrus shold loose some pounds shes fat because of you my litil sister died because she saw you smoking and she smoked and die l e s b i a n my sister die your falt die bitch


Es realmente hermoso lo que haces, creo que sos un gran ejemplo para todos nosotros y que todos debemos aportar un poco de nosotros para un mundo mejor!


i danno y peps think she is chubby cause y'all havent seen her live she rocked that stage in perth and trust me u people have know idea how nice she was how careing and pretty she was soo yah


Well all i know is Miley Cyrus is the most unique amzing actress,singer,song writer/comedian in the world




LOL!!! At below that was pretty funny, Selena is gorgeous but seriously Miley doesnt look like a cow???!!!! She isnt the prettiest star out ther but she certainly isnt THAT hideous!! Be nice, she is a human too


I agree her face is soo chubby.... Come to think of it Miley has never really been pretty, when she was on HM she used to be cute, that was the first two seasons, then she ended up looking like a cow, lm sorry l know its rude but she just doesnt look right to me, her gums, her face its kinda alienish.... Selena Gomez is really pretty l give her that, reminds me of the days before Wizards when Miley always used to talk about not being perfect... BAAAM then came Selena Gomez!!


her face is chubby


Hey gunner, try speaking English. I have no idea what you're even trying to say.


@gunner: You need to grow up.