Miley Cyrus Asked to the Marine Corps Ball!

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Add Miley Cyrus to the guest list. If the singer says yes, that is.

Cyrus is the latest celebrity to receive an invitation to the 2011 Marine Corps Ball, as Private First Class Hart has asked the star to the annual shindig at Camp Pendleton in California via a YouTube video (below).

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis are already attending, and Linda Hamilton has taken up the cause with the man who initially asked for Betty White's hand.


It's so hard to take an insult seriously when the person can't spell a single word right. O.o


@Blaize: 1st of all i neva said she slept wit any1 so yu can shut da fukk up im jus sayin dat she has younqer fans too but she's only focused on impressin da adult's...mainly da male adults. It's like she don't even care bout da younqer fans anymore. Y can't she b more lyk Selena Gomez? But wateves. So don't cum at me yu dumb bitch if yu dnt kno wat im talkin bout. Look at wat she's become. I kno im not da only 1 who feels dis way.


@Kim: You have no idea who Miley Cyrus has or hasn't slept with, so you have no right to call her a nasty hoe. Just because a female pop star expresses sexuality through her clothes and music doesn't mean she's a nasty slut. Grow up.


@moose4eva, thnx i kno she jus rlly nasty now and i kno she lost alot of her fans cus shes jus a str8 up slut now. It wouldn't surprise me if she end up pregnant.


@kim, I totally agree wit u! I also was a
Miley Cyrus fan, I thought she gave life lessons
But now she "can't be tamed".


im sure alot of ppl agree wit me


I use to admire Miley Cyrus she use to be my rolemodel. But now.....look wat she has become. She is such a hoe. Do you see all these pics of her wit all these guys? shes in the bed wit guys lettin them feel all on her, she kisses millions of guys. She's just so gross now and disgusts me. I kno dat she lost a lot of her fans. I mean you dont see selena gomez doing all that. Miley Cyrus use to be the best to me. But she lost a fan... ME!! and i would say shes perfect for that new movie in LOL Laugh Out Loud cause of wat she does. LIke I said she's a HOE.


Dude Miley is so hot will she be my girlfriend.


really? Miley cyrus? Out of alll the celebs!


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