Mila Kunis in GQ: Women are Funny!

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Mila Kunis is hilarious, gorgeous and, based on this response to a Marine's invitation, clearly very cool.

But the actress walks a hypocritical line in the latest issue of GQ, complaining that women are only cast in movies for their looks, as opposed to their senses of humor. She does this while wearing scarcely more than underwear.

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Editor's note: this will be the last time we complain about photos of Mila Kunis in lingerie.

"You have no idea how hard it is for a woman in this business," Kunis tells the magazine. "A lot of people don't even think women are funny. It's f-cked up, but you have to deal with guys like that. I've learned to roll with it."

The actress - currently promoting Friends with Benefits - goes on to detail her struggle against stereotypes, saying that "people just take you as that: attractive. People aren't getting the opportunity to move beyond being attractive."

This sounds like an important, worthwhile topic. It also sounds like something Kunis might have been better off saying while wearing pants.


I completely disagree. She is attractive, it's a men's magazine. Quite frankly, those aren't the raciest pictures ever to be published in GQ. Why can't she be admired as being sexy and funny? Why does it have to be one or the other? She said she was frustrated that people ONLY see "attractive". I don't think she should have to mute that just to show her other talents. The article shows the humour, the pictures show the sexiness. Good for her.


Some women are funny when they're drunk and loaded, say and do stupid but so funny to see when they are loaded. I've got some girlfriends like that.


Mila kunis is very good in 'f with b' . Give her the credit she did'nt get from black swann. hotttttiiiieeee.


Come for the underwear, and hear the message. It works.


She wants to be taken seriously. Yeah, right. Dressed like that?


She couldve worn more clothes for this shoot & Im aware the clothes were chosen for her but she couldve said NO. How am I to take her seriously when I cant get past the photos? (which are wonderful)


I completely get what she's saying. But then why bother posing for a sexy magazine?


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