Michaele, Tareq Salahi Sued For Wine Tour Fraud

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Reality TV losers Michaele and Tareq Salahi are being sued by a woman who claims they stiffed her on a tour of Virginia wine country, reports say.

The case of Emily McCallum vs. Michaele Salahi and Tareq Salahi is on the docket for 8:30 a.m. today in Loudoun County (Va.) General District Court.

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McCallum is one of several who've complained that the Salahis have been operating a wine tourism company and not delivering on their obligations.

Earlier this year McCallum earned her master's degree and wanted to celebrate with family and friends by taking a scenic wine tour in Virginia.

"She scheduled it with a company owned by the Salahis and paid in full," a source said. "They never showed up and at the last minute, Emily had to get another company. She's been unable to get her money back from them."

"I'm really glad she's taking them to court."

It can't hurt. Anything that might help keep these notorious fame whores, posers, liars and party crashers in check can only be a good thing.


You've really ctarpued all the essentials in this subject area, haven't you?


I agree with Mel, we don't watch the housewives franchise because it's Masterpiece Theatre, we watch it for the trainwrecks. DC housewives would be borrrrring without the Salahis, just as Jersey housewives tanked after Danielle left. If the Salahis ripped people off on the wine tour thing, that is just wrong and they should be held accountable. Note to Bravo: the housewives reality concept is all about the post-op grandmas trying to act like twenty somethings, reference Lisa and Camille from Beverly Hills housewives. Quit giving us skullface Bethenny Frankel spinoffs, she is repulsive. We see too much of that holier than thou fatass Caroline from Jersey housewives trying to give us all parenting lessons...her sons are major goombahs,cmon Bravo.


Good for them. The Salahis made DC housewives interesting. Afterall, there was the British bitch snob whose own country couldn't stand her, the pill head with the high-security walk in closet (big effin deal), the shrunken head with the modeling agency who was jealous of Michaele, and their friend (the black real estate lady). Not very interesting bunch. The shrunken head on the reunion show demanded protection from Tareq (bizarre) and said that Michaele should "scrub off all her makeup and wait tables...". Obviously very jealous of Michaele, I mean everyone wears makeup, really shrunken head, really ? These bitches also mentioned nonstop that Michaele was once a clerk in a dept. store. So what! Think about it, how many among you watch NJ housewives now that Danielle is gone? I tried but after 2 episodes it wasn't funny or interesting to watch these sanctimonious losers anymore.


By all indications, this couple are very much into the world of being first rate scam artists. It seems that just about everyone that they do business with have a bad experience with this couple who's daily grind consist of making enemies of everybody that they come into contact with. After their White House fallout, and the DC Housewives franchise that Michaela and her hubby helped to put out of business, it appeared that these two lovebirds were keeping a low profile, but Now it seems that they are back to their old "thieving" ways that they are most famous for!!


I am shocked.


Don't call them fame whores. It makes them sound like something colorful when in fact they are just common cheats and thievs.


Why am I not surprised that these 2 or anyone from their company, failed to show up for real work?!
I hope everyone from the tour that never happened sues the fame whores.

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