Michael Douglas: Smoking After Beating Throat Cancer?

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Is throat-cancer survivor Michael Douglas smoking again, just months after enduring grueling treatment for the disease? Star and Radar say he is.

The photos appear in the new issue of the celebrity gossip tabloid and were allegedly taken July 21. He is shown on a yacht in Porto Venere, Italy.

The legendary actor is clearly smoking in the cover photo, and in more images inside the magazine. The question is when they were really taken.

Michael Douglas Cancer Shocker!

Michael Douglas went through chemotherapy and radiation last year, bravely beating cancer, making these new photos - if legit - even more stunning.

The oldest, easiest trick in the tabloid book is the file photo, though. Using an old or misleading image to make a cover stand out is par for the course.

We can't guarantee that's what's going on here, but we also wouldn't bet against that. It's worth noting that he was a heavy smoker prior to 2010.

There's also the possibility that he was smoking medicinal marijuana, but even that would still expose Douglas to potentially damaging side effects.

Douglas has yet to comment about the photos.


You never "beat" cancer....once you've had it, it continues to be a part of your life.


Let the poor guy die of cancer in peace.


john 3:16
For god so loved the world that he sent his only son that who so ever believe in him shall not die but have eternal life. God loves you all. He wants a life with you'll let him into your heart and he will take you places you haven't being!!


Yeah give the man a break!!


As the wife of a cancer victim,the exact same cancer as Michael Douglas had, I know first hand the damage smoking can cause, as it is definitely responsible for causing throat cancer, so I do hope he isn't stupid enough to try and smoke after all he has endured.


Well him smoking has nothing to do w/his throat cancer. He had HPV. That is a virus that causes cancer. Smoking just added fuel to the fire.


That's an old picture!!! He has aged alot since then, probably as a result of the treatment! Give him a break Star and Radar.

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