Lady Gaga Denies Exploiting LGBT Community

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Lady Gaga and the gay community are closely linked for a variety of reasons, but has the pop star been exploiting her LGBT fans to sell records?

She's been criticized for this lately, but calls it a "ridiculous" claim.

Lady Gaga, My Little Pony

"My love for my gay fans is just pure, authentic love for them as supporters of me from the beginning, and me feeling connected to their struggles as someone who is a part of their fight," Gaga tells The Advocate.

Gaga considers herself a member of the LGBT community (the B part) and says anyone claiming she's using it to help bolster sales is absurd.

"To say that I would use the gay community to sell records is probably one of the most ridiculous statements anyone can make about me," she says - and we're all familiar now with the Lady Gaga hermaphrodite rumors.

"The top thing I think about every single day, other than my fans, loving the music, and my family being healthy, is social justice and equality."

She recalls a recent interaction she had with a young gay man in the military who told her that America's fight for equality has given him hope.

He gave her his service jacket as a symbol of his thanks.

"We just held each other and cried," the superstar says. "Anyone who says that I'm not genuine is not interested in overcoming this fight."

"That was such a pure and wonderful moment. I remember thinking, 'There's no album sale, no Number 1, that could compete with this."

"That is what the f**k it's all about right there. What the f**k it's all about is if I can write one song that could change one person's life."

Gaga, who is currently in Tawian promoting her Born This Way album, also touches upon the true meaning behind the hit title track:

"'Born This Way' is not about just being born in one moment; it's about being reborn over and over again until you become that unique, special person inside you that is the most brave, the most sure and the most ready to take on the world."

"And I was born this way. And that's who I am. Some people weren't born to wear masks, but I was. I was born to wear masks and wigs and fashion."

"To express myself through my clothing and my performance art, and that's who I am," she adds. "And the song is meant to be liberating not only from an individual perspective but from a creative perspective."

Amen, Mother Monster. Amen.



I think she's playing towards an image, like there's this image she wants to have and everything she says and does revolves around making people believe she is the embodiment of that image. You can speak passionately about anything, it's called rhetoric but it doesn't mean you actually care. If she wants to help the gay community (of which I am part), I think it would be best if she stopped referring to herself as part of the community and reinforce stereotypes about LBGT people! There's a serious disconnect from what she's saying and what she's producing as a whole.


Shes a fraud, she has no talent as evident by her last album and she uses gimmicks and side shows to get the support she needs, before she does anything she should ask herself, has madonna done this before? im gay and i hate the bitch now, and also she exploits kids are different calling them monsters, what the hell, its ok if it geniune and a true cause, but it shouldnt be a means to sell records.


"If gay people want to be accepted for who they are and not judged by their sexual preference then stop referring to yourselves as "the gay community"." That makes no sense. So the way the black community and women finally got "equal" treatment under the law was by not referring to the minority that they belong? If they stop referring to themselves as the gay community, then everyone will stop judging and mistreating them based on their sexual orientation or identity? No and no. I know it's common knowledge that Lady Gaga is bisexual, but it's irritating that anyone would make the assumption that she considers herself part of the LGBT community simply because she's bisexual. I consider myself part of the LGBT community and I'm pretty hetero.


just because gaga has a LGBT following means shes using them? maybe people like her because she represents what this generation wants - we want a world were people wont be judged for their beliefs and for who they love
if anything lady gaga being so passionate about gay rights is something that could damage her image - people in this world still disapprove of anything relating to the LGBT community- but GAGA doesn't care what people say and she holds true to her beliefs


what? why are people saying shes exploiting them???
she mentions the LGBT community at every concert she does, she always preaches about acceptance, and shes done so many things to be involved with the fight for equality.... and just because shes famous people think shes fake---- people should be thankful that someone as influential as lady gaga is doing something to help---- most pop stars like katy perry, rihanna, and britney say that they're supportive of the LGBT community but they dont put actions behind their words like GAGA does LADY GAGA IS THE ONLY GENUINE POP STAR OUT THERE RIGHT NOW AND PEOPLE NEED TO STOP ACCUSING HER OF USING PEOPLE - SHE CARES ABOUT HER FANS AND SHE KNOWS WHERE SHE COMES FROM AND THAT WITHOUT HER FANS SHE WOULD BE NOTHING - INSTEAD OF PUTTING THE BLAME ON SOMEONE WE SHOULD BE TRYING TO HELP AND NOT TRY TO SPREAD MORE HATE


She's true,she's fucking true.People dont understand that she had the back of the gay masses before entering showbiz,and she's genuinely concerned with them,that's why she says whatever she says,and not to create a fanbase.


The more they talk shit about her the more famous n powerful she gets i like that thats why i relate to her shes à genious,i love everything she does


No one can be THAT manufactured people,get over it.Who,oh who can rehearse everything?When she's sitting down to give an interview which will be viewed by the masses,and any random question pops up from anywhere,it's the production companies who're guiding her to say whatever is required for the sake of marketing?That's what you wanna say?If so,I laugh at your immaturity and thought process.It's HER thoughts,which are always the same,she's never really been a hypocrite.Now,because she's soo in your face with her support towards homosexuals,she will be judged.But at the end of the day,the person known as Lady Gaga continues to be a significant supporter of equality.


Having finally tired of her Madonna phase, Gaga's switched to channelling Amy Winehouse.


If gay people want to be accepted for who they are and not judged by their sexual preference then stop referring to yourselves as "the gay community".


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