Kristin Cavallari: The Wedding Dress That Wasn't

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Kristin Cavallari participated in a gorgeous photo shoot in her wedding dress just last Thursday, a mere 2-3 days before she got dumped by Jay Cutler.

Reports have suggested that the former Laguna Beach and Hills star was not only the one who got dumped, but was blindsided when it happened.

This would certainly bolster that theory.

If she was even contemplating ending the engagement with the NFL star, why would Kristin Cavallari go through with a photo shoot like this?

Kristin Cavallari Wedding Dress

Kristin Cavallari will make a beautiful bride ... someday.

For his part, why would Jay Cutler let her go forward with a photo shoot in her wedding dress if he was just going to break it off over the weekend?

Eh, that guy quit on an entire NFL team. Guess it's not a shock he'd hang Kristin out to dry. We've heard he was smothering her pretty bad too.

For more of Kristin's wedding dress pics, check out TMZ's gallery.


"Monkey" you seem like an awfully sad person, lol


That is terrible. If that is the way this really happened I tuly feel for her. Nobody deserves to have their heartbroken like that. I hope Kristin has the best team of friends and fam for support in getting over this. And it would help more if the media would stay off her back. But that will probably not happen.


Stunning dress.


LOL this just made my morning!! Fucking whore!

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