Kristen Stewart on Casey Anthony Comparisons: Please Stop!

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No matter where you stand on the Casey Anthony verdict, this much is certain: there's a much better chance this Florida native is a murderer than Kristen Stewart.

Therefore, it's easy to understand where the Twilight Saga star is coming from when she says: please, please stop comparing me to Anthony.

Casey Anthony Lookalike?
Casey Anthony Reacts

A source tells Us Weekly that Stewart is sick of the chatter over whether or not she'll portray Anthony in the inevitable movie about that likely killer's life.

"Her people are really annoyed about the Casey Anthony comparisons," says the insider, who acknowledges the physical resemblance. "Kristen wants that talk to blow over soon because it looks really bad."

Is there any chance Stewart would take the role? Any chance at all? Heck no, says the mole.

"She would never for no amount of money portray that girl. It's grossing her out. All those entertainment shows are doing polls and what not and her people just want it to stop!"



i would never by the movie and i agree that she shouldnt profit from it and i really hope that there is no actress that would wanna play an idiot like casey anthony. i think its wrong that she is aloud to be free cause any normal person woulda called 911 if it was an accident not put her in trash bags and said she went missing. i think they should stop harrassing kristen stewart. she is way better lookin the a child killer. RIP Caylee. you have most of us on ur side in this matter.


i agree with every one else this movie should not be made the only one that would make money off it would be casey and she should be homeless for the rest of her life. I think if the one that protraits her in the movie would be protra in real life. we should just let everything she did and does with her life just die away just like she did to her daughter


She should not make a dime for any films,books or tv shows...And anyone who offers that monster money is just as guilty!!God be w caylee...Rip angel...Women or men go to jail everyday for chid abuse,this womens childs missing for 31 days and is not even held accountable!where is the justice!

Shari fann

I hope they can't find an actress to play this monster!!! I can't believe they would consider making a movie about it. And there is no way that she should profit from it.


It really bothers me that tehy would even consider making a movie about this girl! I cant understand what the world has come to when we make a movie about a mom killing her child and the mom is the one that will benefit from it by racking in the dough! I hope if this movie actually makes it to the big screen that it is boycotted and doesnt make any money at all!!!


No i wouldnt compare beautiful kristin to that slutty baby killer


No never ever....!


why is it that ppl would rather talk abt comparing looks to another person instead of seeing how Casey Anthony took a childs life! I dont think a single book or movie should be seen or read. We have already seen how pethetic she is to take a innocent young life. I just cant believe our "justice" system failed Caylee Marie Anthony. I dont know how a single person in that court room can say innocent and sleep at night!


are you people retarded who cares who looks better. wtf is wrong with you this women kills her child and your worried about her being better looking then Kristen. she gets away with murder with lying and not reporting her kid missing for a long time and gets away with it plus probably will make money of a movie and books who knows. this is what america is coming too. makes me sick. people murder people and everybody raves how everyone looks..


Amen Gaga and Jem

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