Kristen Stewart on Casey Anthony Comparisons: Please Stop!

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No matter where you stand on the Casey Anthony verdict, this much is certain: there's a much better chance this Florida native is a murderer than Kristen Stewart.

Therefore, it's easy to understand where the Twilight Saga star is coming from when she says: please, please stop comparing me to Anthony.

Casey Anthony Lookalike?
Casey Anthony Reacts

A source tells Us Weekly that Stewart is sick of the chatter over whether or not she'll portray Anthony in the inevitable movie about that likely killer's life.

"Her people are really annoyed about the Casey Anthony comparisons," says the insider, who acknowledges the physical resemblance. "Kristen wants that talk to blow over soon because it looks really bad."

Is there any chance Stewart would take the role? Any chance at all? Heck no, says the mole.

"She would never for no amount of money portray that girl. It's grossing her out. All those entertainment shows are doing polls and what not and her people just want it to stop!"


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Kristen your head is swelling you might be good in Twilight but no offering was yet to come.....But don't think so highly of yourself cause when something goes up it always falls twice as hard beware!


As long as no one produces a movie or lets her write a book she will not benefit from this horrible thing. I would look down on Kristen if she took this role if offered. This horrible Anthony woman needs to go into hiding and never come out!!!


I know that Kristen would not want to play the part of Casey and I think it's not fair for everyone to compair her with that terrible person, she is not like her at all.
I don't think Kristen would want to play person who isn't even being held accountable for any part of the death to a sweet child, thats not something she would do.


Kristen is a very talented actress, there is no way she would jeprodize her career to play a murderous mother who so coldly threw her child into a swamp just a few yards away from her home. I surely hope that no actress in hollywood would consider playing the part of such an henious murdering mother!! Casey should be in jail not out to seek profit on a murder she got away with. I hope and pray she never makes a dime off of her child's death that she caused.


Fairuza Balk, enough said.


Yea, she doesn't look like a murderer! She looks like a rape victim, lol.


No she does not resemble her...who said she did lol...they had circumstantial evidence not solid proof...that is why she got away with murder...blame the prosecution for that...not only did theu not have proof...but they charged her improperly...apparently she got 3 years for a 3 year old...but she will be compensated for those 3 years...i believe its 50 thousand a year...florida is one screwed up state...we should give it to cuba...


Kristen does not seek fame or fortune and has to much compassion and sense to never even consider a role of a monster. Kristen looks nothing like her and is nothing like the murderess that was set free. No wonder Kristen is repulsed by her and she has great sense.


How ridiculous! The only resemblance I see between Kristen and her is they have dark hair, they are white and thin and that comparison equals how many people in this world! And if any one thought this why would they say it out loud? Who would be happy being said to resemble a suspected child murderer? If i were to be honest she resembles another famous person to me that shall remain nameless. Excuse my french but why does Kristin get shit all the time? She is a great actress! Doesent bother anybody and seems very nice and because of the press we dont get to hear her talk alot because i think shes tired of being taken out of context. I am forever grateful to her and Robert for the great portrayal of Edward and Bella but there is more to them than that. And they deserve respect. Thank goodness Robert doesent take things to heart and is very generous to the fans and gives them alot of time when he is very busy already.


I don't think it should be to hard to find someone to portray Casey Anthony... I hear Satan needs a job...

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