Kristen Stewart as Snow White: First Look!

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Talk is cheap. Or, at least, not as illuminating as actual photos.

Soon after Kristen Stewart and co-stars spoke to Comic-Con fans about their roles in next year's Snow White and the Huntsman, Universal has released a few promotional shots of various cast members taking in various iconic fairy tale characters.

It looks like Stewart is leaving Bella Swan far behind, for example:

Kimberly Stewart as Snow White

Check out a photo of Theron as The Evil Queen NOW and let us know: Will you go see Snow White and the Huntsman?


Sounds great like 2 whatch this one : )


looks like a wonderful thing.


Maybe if it wasn't Kristen Stewart, I'd go see it. But she's just gonna ruin it with her constant blinking and awkward acting skills.


So let's see - the White Tree of Gondor on her shield ripped off from the Lord of the Rings, the "cute chick in armor" ripped off from Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland (also ripped off from every picture of Joan of Arc we've ever seen), and the dark side of Snow White, ripped off from Snow White: A Tale of Terror . . . is there a single creative element in this movie? And will Snow White be as deadpan and drab as Bella Swan?


If I had just glanced at this, not knowing that this had anything to do with Snow White, I would've thought this was an extra prepping for the battle of Minas Tirith scenes because that emblem on her shield looks like the White Tree of Gondor!
I seriously hope the design apartment thinks up something much more original. :|
Other than that, she looks promising.


She looks like a skinny gladiator here! Not really how I pictured Snow White!


Looks cool, i really like her acting, especially in The Runaways. thing is, why did they steal the symbol of the White Tree of Gondor from the Lord of the Rings??


wow sounds great
she looks good..
Selena gomez shooting for her next movie..BEAUTY AND THE BIEBS..just joking
love krirten and selena

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