Kim Kardashian Wedding Update: Rolls Royces All Around!

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Kim Kardashian's wedding might be huge - okay, Kim Kardashian's wedding WILL be huge - but the event won't cost anywhere close to $10 million.

That's because this marketing-based family will be arranging multiple sponsorships for the ceremony. To wit: reports confirm Kim has struck a deal with Platinum Motorsports in Los Angeles to have Rolls Royce Phantoms and Maybachs available for all important guests.

Fans of Kim Kardashian

Why, people? Why give Kim Kardashian this satisfaction?!?

The expensive vehicles will transport Kim's family and the family of Kris Humphries AND be color coordinated to match the rest of the wedding.

Meanwhile, Kardashian was spotted this week shopping for Vera Wang wedding gowns. Might she have found a designer?!?!?!? Sadly, an anxious world really does await the answer.



Aniamalu jennifer shut up already vicious hater get a life!


Freespirit114 your stupidity is pathetic.Kris will marry Kim no matter what you write so why bother to annoy others with your nonsense? I guarantee you Kris has no intention of even reading your crap you post. Kim and Kris decide to get married that is their business and not yours.


All you kim haters. You can neva be like her in your entire lives even if you work for a billion years! Stop talking bad of her aand go get a job! You ROCK kim!!!


I think kim kardashians weeding will be the wedding of the century! I'm looking forward to seeing her wedding. Kim is very beautiful. I think people should stop being so negative. If you don't like her or her familly don't follow her, you don't need to write un-nessesary things.. I m a huge fan of her and her familly. Khloe you rock gurl..


it was cool


Perhaps you may want to ask yourselves the same question THG- why give Kim K any satisfaction by continuing to report about her?


This family has become so pathetic. Can't stand anything to do with them.


We all know just how well these marriages based in publicity and product sponsorship/placement work out. Just go ask the queen of the sponsored wedding, Star Jones, Kim, I'm sure she will tell you just how it worked out for her. Really, who needs love and all when you can earn bank just by taking vows in a hot dress? Not like you have to mean it or anything. Heck, you don't even have to understand the words! You just have to walk and smile. Perfect situation for her. ICK! Can't stand Kim. Kris Humphries I suggest you run! Now! The second you marry this woman you will no longer be allowed to think for yourself, this family will become your brain and if you try to think, act or be yourself you will be in divorce court, on their terms before you can blink. If that is what you want then go for it. But I still suggest you run now, as far away as you can get, before it is too late!


am nt surprised at all as she wz once married bf. see, kim whoredarshian is nt a wonan for kps, she is a woman u can fuck & dismiss. kloe is married to her family n nt to lamar. so is kourtney, so y wld one thinks jim wl mk a gud wife? a porn star? o! please!


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