Kim Kardashian Lightens Up

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In what has become a semi-annual event, Kim Kardashian has dyed her hair in an attempt to garner headlines mix things up.

"I dyed my hair lighter for summer," the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Tweeted. "I'm loving it! I feel younger!"

Kim Kardashian Hair Color
Kim Kardashian Goes Light

Kim first went blonde in August 2009. She then got rid of them a month later and added extensions. She's also worn a wig on multiple occasions.

It's almost like Kardashian has no real talent and must resort to changing up her look in order to stay in the news. Sounds crazy, we know.

What do you think of the latest dye job?



Damn she said that she has to cut her hair about month ago and now she has extensions, why she didnt write about extenstions on her blog?


and YES...she still looks the damn same. who gives a rats ass what friggin color she changes her hair to. she oughta be blonde. real DUMB ass.


okay..who is kim khardashian again and why is she important? I am so OVER THE ENTIRE KHARDASHIAN FAMILY. Family full of talentless, snobbed, education-less, moochers that are evidently still banking in off of late dear ol Dad's profits. All these girls are only known for one thing, a sex tape, abusive marriages, cheating, and the obviously "hoe hopping" sleeping around antics that have been passed down from mom


If your outer self is really hot but you inner self is ugly or, well, blank in Kims case, how in the world can you live a full and happy life? If it's all based on nothing more than looks and selling out for cash then you are bankrupt in the soul department. Listen up girls, brains are sexy, use them! Again, I think Judge Judy said it best- Beauty fades but dumb is forever. Kim strikes me as exactly the type of person she aimed that comment at. And damn, forever is a long time to be dumb....


i agree with she always got to be in fornt of the mags what else she can't do


another stunt by the whore to get noticed. . she s selling herself .I dn lik it . .fuck her luk . .spend sum time in gym wrk ur body . .don go fr plastic surgey again. .she s a big whore . . .


She Needs to spend some of that hard "earned" money on a professional stylist. Who wears a long flowing blouse underneath a very short jacket. Evidently since she got engaged she strictly does Not care about her appearance, that everywhere hair does Nothing to make her look attractive!!


I think this whole Kardashian thing is finally starting to fade. Thank god. Btw- she looks the same to me.


She feels younger. Like she's so old to begin with!!!! What she needs to work on are those thighs, yikes.


Kim K.'s self importance is over rated!!

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