Kim Kardashian Lightens Up

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In what has become a semi-annual event, Kim Kardashian has dyed her hair in an attempt to garner headlines mix things up.

"I dyed my hair lighter for summer," the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Tweeted. "I'm loving it! I feel younger!"

  • Kim Kardashian Hair Color
  • Kim Kardashian Goes Light

Kim first went blonde in August 2009. She then got rid of them a month later and added extensions. She's also worn a wig on multiple occasions.

It's almost like Kardashian has no real talent and must resort to changing up her look in order to stay in the news. Sounds crazy, we know.

What do you think of the latest dye job?



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WONDERFUL!!!You are in our tgouhhts constantly.So thankful you are coming home!!!We will keep you in our prayers as always.Miss you soooooooooooooo much.Love always,John and Pam


Straight freaken whore is what she is sleeps w all this athletes straight trash only difference she lives in New york


So on the episode w Princes ex-wife Kim stats I can't even dance in my bedroom, yet she makes a porn w another guy she was suppose to marry "hello" it's true what they say money's the ruler of all evil mks porno for what "Fame" "money" marrys for what "money" but yet she's so in love.... Ya ok!


I agree with ty sexy and camz


Freespirit114 if brains are sexy where is yours then? She is not blank inside thst is your distorted opinion of which you have many. And her name is not Whoredashian aniamalu jennifer you are a stupid bitch who keeps calling her that.


Why r u ass holes talking about Kim & family,when u claim she is not important. I was expecting a blank comment. At least she is making huge bucks,yet talentless. You know what, U GUYS SHD SHUT UP n get a life.


Kim does own a clothing store along with her sisters! Yes that's not talent but dang leave the lady alone. Ok she got a little freaky and it happend to get in the wrong hands! If Rayj or whoever she made the sex tape with was a gentlemen than he shouldn't have let it get online! It's not her fault that she's attractive to a big percentage of America! I understand she shows no use of any type of talent, but she's rich off of apperances,shows, publicity, and family, so she's obviously doing better than most!?


Sigh. THG u are hypocrites. You don't like het you bash her every minute you can and you say she's talentless but HERE SHE IS... on your blog... If you don't like her, ignore her and stop writing about her... I don't think about her nor do I care what she does it's her life and I have mine to worry about but I'm just disgusted at YOU. I'm going to regret writing here after this but I was bored and forgot to bring my newspaper into the loo so here I am... But you guys need to leave her alone. If she a big zero then prove it.


agree with @Leo and @pak31 (:


kim whoredarshian! As her name implies,is a cheap pornstar. she's willing to fk a dog jst to be in d news always. she's talentless as we all knw.