Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries' Wedding Date is ...

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Really soon!

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries only started dating last November, and he just proposed in May, but you can forget about a long engagement.

They're tying the knot Saturday, August 20.

While the pair hasn't confirmed where the ceremony will be or whether E! cameras will film the event, we're 100 percent guaranteeing they will.

A Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Pic

We suppose a summer wedding makes sense in terms of spinning off their new show and Kris' currently non-existent NBA season, but damn, that was fast!

Details are scarce, but it seems likely that Vera Wang will be designing Kim's dress, as the star has already gone to two appointments at Vera's stores.

What we do know for sure is that Khloe is going all out to embarrass Kim at her the bachelorette party, while Kris Jenner will be calling the shots.

THG will be providing extensive coverage of the big weekend, of course. It should be decadent ... but how long do you think this marriage will last?


way to go kim k, let the hater them talk, my prayers are with u , kim what God join together let no hater put asunder,,, way to go


I don't give a damn either way because this another marriage that will last a couple of weeks and all of this talk will be for not.


I have never gotten this whole Kardashian thing! I guess you have to admire people with absolutely no talent making millions by just being a party joke. Have no interest in who this one is marrying.


WHO CARES????????????????????
That's a big a farce as kids dressing up as a monster. Kim and
weddings. That's all she's been about.....except no one remembers the mean girl and the "other" wedding. She tries to come off as "Virgin Kim." .....And you got it, Kim's confused....he's not black. I like Bruce so I guess Kris figures he can stand Bruce. Kris is fun (mother) I don't
remember is her beau's name Kric too???? I like the other but Kim whines too much, whine,whine.whine. She thinks life was
made for her and no troubles. Look out Kim, look at people in trouble and hurting. Take a look outside. The world is not about Kim Kardashian! I don't care if you get married naked.


i love kim! i didnt even know she was engaged but less of the negative commo's and best of luck to them! As for the comment up there saying "shes fat" its called having curves and looking healthy i think she looks great.


she's fat !


Kim ust to be soo pretty! What did she do to her face!? Its going to look like joan rivers in a few yrs, she shouldnt of got any of the botox/face work.


Tendai u too can have a butt like Kims its call butt injections where they inject fat from other peices of ur body into your a$$, you can also have boobs like her too if you get implants, you can have a cat face like her too with botox, plastic surgery, face lifts and a nose job.


haters wil forever be haters,stop hating on kim n use your time wisely every girl wishes they had a butt like kims n every guy wishes there girls had a butt like kims....!!! kim u go girl number 1 fan of you n th k-dash fam


Personally I like Coco's butt better than Kim's. Coco was not raised with a silver spoon in her mouth and seems like a down to earth person. Kim doesn't even like dogs, and Coco adores her little guy. She and Ice make a great couple. They have lasted ten years. Kim won't last that long I am sure of that. She just wanted a sperm donor. Once she gets her kids she will dump Lurch.

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