Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Eff Your Tradition!

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Forget Kris Jenner. Kourtney Kardashian defied God on multiple occasions this week.

It was a truly sacrilegious episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, reviewed below in our patented +/- format. Let's find out now what sort of score the installment earned, shall we?

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Lamar and Rob both say they'd do porn. NEGATIVE 5 to Khloe for referring to that as "bizarre." Isn't Kim's decision to do so the only reason this family has a reality show?

Kris says Scott and Kourtney should get married before having another kid because it's "more natural" that way. PLUS 3 for not Kris cracking up at the irony. How natural is it for one to say this about one's daughter to an E! camera?

Scott is talking to his therapist. On television. With his shirt unbuttoned half way. Exposing a wholly shaven chest. NEGATIVE 147.

Kris is now an ordained minister and will be marrying some guy named Pastor Brad and his fiance. PLUS 7 to the show for providing gay marriage advocates with the clearest argument yet against the "sanctity" of "traditional" marriage.

Says Kris: "You're going against everything I believe in." Everything, of course, being a wedding from which she can earn millions. NEGATIVE 8.

PLUS 4 for telling us it's the JENNER HOUSE every time they show that home in Calabasas. Appreciate the heads-up. I'd have no idea what giant mansion was being depicted on Keeping Up with the Kardashians otherwise.

Kris says she's gonna go upstairs and "study her script." PLUS 12 for the most honest statement in show history. Shocked they didn't edit that out.

Kris doesn't want Pastor Brad to look back on his wedding day as a "big joke." She says this while wearing a tuxedo and officiating a televised ceremony because a website said she could. NEGATIVE 9.

Kourtney asks, "what is my mom's problem? She's talking about all of these family issues in front of everyone at the wedding." She says this to a camera of a series watched by millions. NEGATIVE 14.

On three occasions, Kris says God wants Kourtney to get married. Michele Bachmann gives Kris NEGATIVE 12 for daring to claim that God talks to anyone but her.



I have never been single because I am to scared to spend time with myself. I am looking very much forward to the day my grand children sits on my lap and ask me if I am an anal porn star because that’s what everybody in kindergarten will say.


Oh such a big shame to kim...we enjoying the show ,keep entertaining!!


It seems that alot of people have alot of negative things to say about this people. However, it is quite obvious that y'all watch the show every week or scour the gossip rags or internet for every shred of info on this people. Since they are not paying your bills why bother watching the show. Apparently, the sponsors like bc the public likes it. It's entertainment. Oh amd by the way.....shhh keep this on the low....the winner of the matches on WWE are predetermined. Smh


Kris should stay out of it. Everyone is different. All marriages don't work. Kourtney witnessed it growing up as did I ...It took me 14 years to get married to the person I loved and have a child with. Kris's 1st marriage didn't last forever so why should anyone listen to her. I really don't understand how Bruce is still with her. LOVE KOURTNEY!


So not Kris wants to push morals? Kourtney not being married should be the least of her worries. I guess the sex tape of Kim, the nude photos of Kourtney, Kim's new boyfriend every month, her youngest trying to bring boys in the bedroom etc. is just fine. It's a little to late to push the moral factor.


Special K - i love it lol!




Fuck the traditions of kardashians o whores. . . @:special k i agree to evry word u say...these kardashians wuld do anyting for money n publicity. . hate them . half breed khloe n pigy sis kim. . . wid their overgrown assets sway evrywhere. . i wish they were never born . .bt i think ppl likd kims tape . . its 1st time she was portraying her character in there. . . bad rolemodel n wish sumbody wuld gag her mouth . . they wuld sell shit fr money . . .damn sumbody make them disappear . . . fuckardishians. . . . .


People who need as much attention from everyone and anyone all the time as this entire family does are really insecure. We all crave attention at diffrent points in our lives, from diffrent people and for many reasons but the extent these people have taken it to defies logic. They really seem to think the whole world is just dying for more of them. What is so wrong with them that they can't just live their lives without broadcasting every little thing world wide? Someday this will all end (someday soon I hope!) and Kim and her clan will be yesterdays news. When that happens they will not have the slightest clue how to just live their lives, be grateful for what they have and deal with themselves. Pathetic.


disgusting & horrible whoredarshians. shame on y'all

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