Katy Perry Goes Planking in Mermaid Costume; Lady Gaga Fans Not Pleased

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Some of Lady Gaga's Little Monsters are not happy with Katy Perry right now, voicing opposition to an image the latter recently posted on Twitter.

Referring to the trend known as planking, Perry wrote "PROPER planking FTW!" under a photo of herself posing as a mermaid under a bridge.

She does make for a fairly convincing piece of plywood ...

Katy Perry Planking FTW!

Harmless planking, right? Not to some Little Monsters it's not.

The issue some Lady Gaga fans are taking with Perry's photo?

Gaga's '80s-themed "Edge Of Glory" music video was initially going to feature her as a mermaid - under a bridge no less, according to leaked pics.

Additionally, the Lady performed as a mermaid on French TV last month and has said in interviews that her next video will be mermaid-themed.

What do you think? Is Katy ripping off the Gaga?


i have remember forever firend.you are so good.


Gaga didn't invent mermaids this has been done before bette did it first before madonna. Madonna wasn't a mermaid she had mermans in her video. if gaga is copying someone its bette and sade. Gaga just did the mermaid under the bridge concept last week its too recent which makes katy look like a copycat. People say gaga tries to hard but katy perry tries like a teenager trying to be cool in school. Is that her teenage dream?


Everythings fair . . .stop this nonsense gaga fans. . she s gr8 but every idea is not hers. . . .


Okay...GAGA fans should chill. I love GaGa myself..but give credit when its due..MADONNA was here before ANY of you. And really EVERYONE is biting off of her and have been for years. So who's really ripping who off?


Madonna originally used the 'mermaid' theme in 89's 'Cherish' video... So we could chalk this up to Lady Gaga ripping off Madonna... again. Though I enjoy Gaga's music, her 'shock value' style has already been done and just comes off as needy and desperate. She tries to hard... Just sing dammit!


Lady Gaga fans need to get over themselves. She is not the do all and end all of everything music. And if they want to talk copying - let's revisit Express Yourself vs. Born This Way. I like Gaga - but the truth is the only thing keeping her original is her look. Her fist couple albums were full of original work and this one is not that great in comparisson.


Lady Gaga isnt the first artist to have the mermaid idea & wont be the last. For anyone to think its soley their idea is mistaken.

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