Kate Middleton: Starving to Be Sexy?!

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She's drop-dead gorgeous. She married the Prince of freaking Wales. The world has been riveted by every Kate Middleton fashion choice under the sun.

Despite all that, is the pressure of being in the public eye getting to the Duchess of Cambridge? A new tabloid report suggests that it certainly may be.

The 5-foot-10 princess was once a size 6, "but there's no way she's more than a size zero right now - that's extremely skinny," a friend tells Life & Style.

Some friend.

Kate Middleton: Too Skinny?

"Kate was pretty skinny on her wedding day, but now she's dropped another 7 to 10 pounds," another insider says, with no basis for that whatsoever.

The magazine claims that Kate barely touched her meal prepared by celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis during their visit to America last week.

Even if that's true, which we doubt, it can't be easy to eat with thousands of people staring at you. Maybe give the girl a little bit of a break.

At least her husband is all over it, according to L&S.

Having lived through his mother's alleged eating disorders, "William's No. 1 priority in life is to ensure that Kate is happy and healthy."

Now that we believe. They're a sweet couple. What do you think, though? Has Kate Middleton lost weight, and is she looking too thin?


kate, you look just fine . don't read negative things about you or william in the news papers, they'll do anything ,and say anything to sell their papers.you certainly don't need advice from me or anyone however. you've definatly got a mind of your own , and i love it !!!


Im getting pretty sick about all the royal wedding and royal couple. Hell Britain didn't even give a shit. Why would we?


Thin yes, too thin no. Americans are just not used to that because we are bigger. You guys have no basis for your claims whatsoever. Actually when they were cooking together in Canada reports said that she was actually tasting everything they made, including some stuff William wouldn't go near.
And his mother's ALLEGED eating disorder? She did have one thanks to Price Charles and the paparazzi... so maybe the paparazzi should leave Kate alone, just a theory.
Also what is the mag trying to accomplish? It makes Will seem like a really good guy (which he IS), even if the claims aren't true.


i dont blame her her life is way extreme. But i dont think she needs to strave her self she is beatiful on her own.


I think she needs to eatba bit. But she looks fine that way she is. Im curvy and my chest does that sometime. But I think everyone needs to leave her alone because maybe she will eat. She's just trying to be careful around the paparazi. We love you kate no matter what you look like.


Kate u starve or not congrat 4 entering the Royal family.


kate darling, yes you look paper thin and not that healthy! please give curvy women a break and stop starving yourself to death. be proud to be a woman and don't follow in diana's footsteps of anorexia, bulima and skitzoid psychosis. take up healthy sports and eat!


Catherine looks wonderful. I see now why this site has gossip in it's name


Glad someone else already corrected that Katherine married Prince William Wales as the Prince of Wales is married to Camilla. I don't think Katherine is too thin. She looks great to me.


She did not marry the Prince of Wales. That's Charles. And she does look skinnier but I think she still looks pretty healthy. I'm sure the stress is getting to her.

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