Kate Middleton: Starving to Be Sexy?!

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She's drop-dead gorgeous. She married the Prince of freaking Wales. The world has been riveted by every Kate Middleton fashion choice under the sun.

Despite all that, is the pressure of being in the public eye getting to the Duchess of Cambridge? A new tabloid report suggests that it certainly may be.

The 5-foot-10 princess was once a size 6, "but there's no way she's more than a size zero right now - that's extremely skinny," a friend tells Life & Style.

Some friend.

Kate Middleton: Too Skinny?

"Kate was pretty skinny on her wedding day, but now she's dropped another 7 to 10 pounds," another insider says, with no basis for that whatsoever.

The magazine claims that Kate barely touched her meal prepared by celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis during their visit to America last week.

Even if that's true, which we doubt, it can't be easy to eat with thousands of people staring at you. Maybe give the girl a little bit of a break.

At least her husband is all over it, according to L&S.

Having lived through his mother's alleged eating disorders, "William's No. 1 priority in life is to ensure that Kate is happy and healthy."

Now that we believe. They're a sweet couple. What do you think, though? Has Kate Middleton lost weight, and is she looking too thin?


I wouldn't starve myself, not even puke myself to stay thin. Kate Middleton is making a big mistake. Eventually Kate will have to put something in her stomach somehow such as...vegetables, fruits, etc.


She must eat more to gain more weight


I don't care about titles all I care about is her well being but can you imagine having to be around the queen 24/7 to me she is the biggest bitch of the world. She wanted to have Diana killed and that is exactly what happened because all she cared about was her son having heir to the thrown and once that happened there was no use having Diana around and the rest is history. When Kate Middleton has a child look out to see how long her life will be because the queen will be more than happy to do the same thing to her as she did Diana. Kate Middleton is a beautiful beautiful woman to beautiful for the queen because that bitch wants to be the best and she is not.


...maybe the weight loss is from newly-wed sex !!!


I bet the weight loss has more to do with nerves than anything else. I think she will get used to all the horrible attention and enjoy her role, and start eating.


Get the basic fact straight: Kate Middleton IS NOT married to the Prince of Wales. That honor goes to Camilla, who is married to Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales. William is Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and most likely will inherit the title Prince of Wales, when Charles becomes King.


Kate,must rest and eat,she have to fill free.


way to thin for a 5'10". also in desperate need of a boob job to fill out things a little bit better.


I would love to know who all these ''friends" and "sources" really are! With celebrities, especially Kate Middleton, I'm sure those closest to them have to sign some sort of agreement stating that they won't dish out every last personal issue of those celebrities' lives to tabloids.


Americans have clearly run out of what story to sell.....(yawns)Duchess catherine is adorable and thats the most you can know

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