Bad Timing: Kat Von D Gets Tattoo of Jesse James' FACE in L.A. Ink Preview!

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Tattoo artiste Kat Von D has many of her own, but we're guessing the star of TLC's L.A. Ink might like to have her most recent one back.

That's because said tattoo is of Jesse James' face.

In a sneak peek clip from the new season of LA Ink, which features Jesse prominently and premieres this Thursday, Kat decides to surprise her fiance by having a school portrait of him from the fifth grade etched permanently on her body ...

"You're crazy!" Jesse says upon seeing her new body art, before telling Kat "I love you." Kat was definitely nervous telling her man, "I thought you were going to tell me you're breaking up with me" after seeing it.

Not quite, but Jesse James and Kat Von D broke up Monday.

Distance was to blame - Jesse lives in Austin, Kat lives in L.A. - but there are also reports of another woman. Either way, let this be a cautionary tale to all of you considering having a lover's fifth grade photo tattooed on you.


Distance my ass.


Haha what a troll she deserved it


Its all bout tv and money!!!


what a idiot. If u are going to do something like this maybe get married first or be together for a real long time. It seems like a pretty short time from the tattoo until the break up. Maybe she has so many tattoos she just doesnt care, she put no planning in this at all so im going with that


Certainly she's not surprised tattoos are permanent. Especially when removing one might inflict harm on the others. I can't believe she's even a celebrity. I hate reality TV (except Gene Simmons Family Jewels - gotta have one vice!).


Kat and Jesse...... what can I say O_o ...... I don't know, they waz an AMAIzZzING couple, but Kat and me are an better couple i think.... okay, C-YA later guyz, bye..

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