Bad Timing: Kat Von D Gets Tattoo of Jesse James' FACE in L.A. Ink Preview!

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Tattoo artiste Kat Von D has many of her own, but we're guessing the star of TLC's L.A. Ink might like to have her most recent one back.

That's because said tattoo is of Jesse James' face.

In a sneak peek clip from the new season of LA Ink, which features Jesse prominently and premieres this Thursday, Kat decides to surprise her fiance by having a school portrait of him from the fifth grade etched permanently on her body ...

"You're crazy!" Jesse says upon seeing her new body art, before telling Kat "I love you." Kat was definitely nervous telling her man, "I thought you were going to tell me you're breaking up with me" after seeing it.

Not quite, but Jesse James and Kat Von D broke up Monday.

Distance was to blame - Jesse lives in Austin, Kat lives in L.A. - but there are also reports of another woman. Either way, let this be a cautionary tale to all of you considering having a lover's fifth grade photo tattooed on you.

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When are idiots gonna learn about putting faces and names?? She's way past the "I'm young and dumb" stage of her life!! Hopefully every time she look at the tattoo she'll remember how stupid that idea was!!


He does not even look like he is into her on this clip! When will women learn that they are not better than the other woman or hold special powers that will make someone be who they are not(?) Jesse was a man caught up in mess he allowed and not some lost doggie she needed to rescue (no pun intended).
Ah, lessons to be learned or not. The distance was there before they dated so that is bull crap: at some point you say lets keep traveling or stop and settle down (that is when true love and committment is involved)


she's a wreck. She got a tattoo for Orbie too, then cheated on him with Nikki & he dumped her. Being a tattoo artist she should know 1st hand that names or portraits in the early stages of a romance are bad. She's really gone downhill for me & I used to be a fan. Her artwork is extraordinary, but her jumping from guy to guy & making it public & a big deal is stupid.


ha! this beyotch should have known jesse would leave. sandy must be cracking up. tramp! von d is a tatooed mess. jesse is a mess too, but is kinda hot...


oh,&@ janelise, lmao


talk about bad smdh 4 u Kat!!!!


you would think she would know better.