Kari Ann Peniche: Pregnant! Father Unknown! Husband Filing for Divorce!

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Kari Ann Peniche is back in the news for all the wrong reasons. All the wrong reasons except one, that is.

The Celebrity Rehab star is pregnant... but the identity of the father is unknown and husband Justin Williams has filed for divorce due to this uncertanity.

Kari Ann Peniche Photograph

TMZ has obtained court documents submitted by Williams that ask a judge to order genetic testing to determine if "this is a child of the marriage." The couple got married in February.

Kari Ann made headlines in August 2009 for appearing in a weird naked video with Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart. Her confusing, troubled past also includes domestic abuse at age 20, being crowned Miss Teen USA, posing in Playboy, being engaged to Aaron Carter and entering rehab for cocaine abuse.

In other words: the latest scandal, sadly, fits perfectly into Peniche's poor decision-making pattern.

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come on folks, get a life. This bitch does not deserve our time and/or comments. You realize that we made this c**t last longer than 15 mins


This chick is still alive? Hahaha!!! Loser.


This chick is still alive?


oh my god...can you imagine this train wreck a mother...if you watched rehab with dr drew you will know what a f***ing winging spoiled c**t this girl is...HAY IM NOT GETTING UP THREE TIMES A NIGHT TO FEED THIS F***ING BABY...I NEED JUICE GET ME MY JUICE BABY OR I CANT GET UP...whats the bet she has a least two live in nannys...there should be a law against trash like her having kids....this poor baby...they say kids can change people like her,stop the drugs and things but some how i dont think thats in this girl to give unconditional love even to her own flesh and blood...i just hope c.p.s are keeping an eye on her...the baby will come into this world addicted to meth...just wait and see...


Why do people get married if they dont want to really be with that person...I mean if u can sleep with another person then u must not want to be with the person u are with so why even "tie the knot" ....and like everyone is saying shes always doing something dumb ...why did he marry her anyways is he a celeb?


Well hopfully she wake up soon. Its a shame. To let herself go like that. Its obvious she doesnt yet know her worth,or her purpose n life. God has such great a life for her if she' d just let him drive. Sit back go for the ride.. you might just like it.


I'm sorry but I don't feel sorry for her at all only because she refused to get the help she badly needed. At the Pasadena clinic / Center, she treated the staff as if they're no body. She broke all the rules. I will pray for her only if she's willing to change (which I highly doubt). If she continues to live like this, she won't last any longer and leave all her luxuries behind or they may consider to put it in her grave, which probably will be dig by addicts or thieves. Poor thing.


Octo mom number 2? Lets hope not.


selena gomez is stupid


Holy smokes. This girl is a walking nightmare. She needs to think before she does anything because obviously this is something she has failed to do....repeatedly.

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