Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Charlie Crist: On a Boat!!!

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Like Andy Samberg and T-Pain, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez spent part of their holiday weekend on a boat.

The couple were spotted in Sag Harbor, New York on Friday, hanging out on a 155-foot yacht with random fellow celebrities Russell Simmons and former Florida Governor Charlie Crist.

A Flower from Biebs

"They were messing around," an onlooker told The New York Daily News of Justin and Selena. "They showed affection, but it wasn't like they were groping each other."

However - eek alert! - this witness says Bieber took "off his shirt and [was] playing patty-cake with Selena."

On Thursday evening, the couple diner at the Siam Inn Thai restaurant on W. 51st St. in New York City. They ate Thai rolls and rice dishes, according to other diners.

In professional news, meanwhile, Bieber may not be releasing a new album any time soon. But he did recently spoke on what the next CD will sound like.

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Sounds like those two are just madly in love with each other. Everybody knows love is blind. If they're in love, they're in love, but they shouldn't let that interfere with their music career and their upcoming concert tours. If either of them two have concerts to perform for their fans or recording in studios they both have to do separately, that has to come first because it's for the fans before they can spend time for themselves. It's hard, nobody likes it, but that's the way it is.


They fit wel as a couple


I think he sing like a girl.


there is a limit to hate someone like this
but you over rude,jeolus and creepy hater..i never see in my life
you totaly lost your mind
you always critisise and complaining
whats your problem huh
You haters are disturb her
bt you knw what?
No one care about you
not me,not selena and not her supporters


- While he is with a rose in his left hand someone right in front of his body show a finger, too bad, people do not has respect yet he has to grow too in different aspects of his life.


hey funs, just leave the two alone so that they can do there own thing the way they like it oky?


All of you haters need to stop... Selena can date who ever the hell she wants to date and Justin can too. Cant you people see they are happy, so leave them alone. All you crazed fans need to just shut up, Justin is going to date Selena and Selena's not breaking up with Justin, so quit your complaining. Even if they were to break up, Justin would never date you crazy fans... Get over your selves!!! Love you Sel and Justin... You kepp doing what you do best because both of you are amazing singers and actors... Love ya'll!


Isn't Justin Bieber still only 17? How is he out like this all the time with his girlfriend without parental supervision?


They are such a cute couple!!!! I have not been selena's biggest fan ever since they started dating...but they are so cute together!


wow there is a lot of rude commennts but i think selena is getting in the way of justin's career cuz ever since he started dating her he didnt even care about his music anymore selena has got him in a little trapp or something and selena u say in every interview ur sooooooooooooooooooooooooo busy and all u do is act sing do ur little kittty routine everyday so y r u dating justin just to make fans jeolus and so u can have more fame well people jus hate u more

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