Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Charlie Crist: On a Boat!!!

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Like Andy Samberg and T-Pain, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez spent part of their holiday weekend on a boat.

The couple were spotted in Sag Harbor, New York on Friday, hanging out on a 155-foot yacht with random fellow celebrities Russell Simmons and former Florida Governor Charlie Crist.

A Flower from Biebs

"They were messing around," an onlooker told The New York Daily News of Justin and Selena. "They showed affection, but it wasn't like they were groping each other."

However - eek alert! - this witness says Bieber took "off his shirt and [was] playing patty-cake with Selena."

On Thursday evening, the couple diner at the Siam Inn Thai restaurant on W. 51st St. in New York City. They ate Thai rolls and rice dishes, according to other diners.

In professional news, meanwhile, Bieber may not be releasing a new album any time soon. But he did recently spoke on what the next CD will sound like.

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come on selena you can do better then that don't go on sex and the city you can do so much better then that think about you'r fans and yourself is that really what you want to star in sex and the city not really think about it


awo justin nmo. not u selena gomez, spolm skul 4 m nmo.......lolz
love u J.B


i think that selena gomez has turned justin bieber into a ass justin doesnt care abwt his fans anymore since he dated this thing SELENA GOMEZ... i feel sorry for u justin bieber one day wen u wake up n realise that you are with a pieace of shit like her you will say to urself why didnt i listen 2 my fans..(sigh) i feel sorry 4 u...
selena i hate YOU


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i think selena need to take a break from justin bieber for the best of their reletsionship


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iam not a fan of him but be happy for him and selena he seems really happy.. selena is beautiful and should ignore all the haters she shuld not kill herself.. they make a cute couple :)


All u pple talking about haters,datin pple younger or older,that's bull.if u're critisizing d haters then u're one worst hater. Supporting pple who doesn't even no if u exist.if u're a human or an animal.and who told u they will last 4eva,come on think.how many celebrity marriages have lasted long,till death do them part.justin is a kid,n as for Gomez,she should kill herself wif all d worst haters.Justin has a better career than she does.she's a prat...

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