Justin Bieber Defends Kanye West: Not an A-Hole!

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Kanye West isn't exactly known as the most magnanimous man in Hollywood. His Tweets are epic, his concert rants controversial.

But Justin Bieber has worked with the rapper and said of Kanye in a recent interview with hip-hop magazine XXL: "He's not really an asshole like everyone makes him out to be."

Whoa. Dropping the A-bomb! Justin must be serious.

Granted, Bieber admits, West "can do bad things" and, yes, he can "make bad decisions." Overall, though? "He's really generally a good guy," Bieber said of the artist with whom he collaborated on "Runaway Love."

Give the Biebs credit - or scoff at his decisions - for being unafraid to align himself with stars who don't fit his squeaky clean image. There's Kanye here. And then there's the duet he produced with Chris Brown.


All bieber haters didn't deserve 2 live in this planet.. If u don't like bieber that's ok why r u talking about bieber like this .. If u don't like biebs so hold it 4 urself only . I mean justin is soooooooo cute .. I can never imagine 2 hate him .. He is my cuteeee pie :: i


Hey to all u haters fuck off!!! JUSTIN YOU ROCK!! And ill be a beliebr nw and forever more!! You other people go suck urself ok


The media doesnt make him look like an ass he does a good job of doing that himself! He occasionally makes good music but...yeah i believe he's a douche just like justin! Like justin completely started acting like he was hot stuff because of his large fan base but he should take a look at 98degrees, bsb , & nsync...just as fast as u gain fame u can lose it just as quickly!


ey ey ey justin what happnd 2 u >>
simce u starteddating SELENA GOMEZ u hve 4got about ur fans...
idiot i used to love u i dnt knw wat i saw in u (sign)


At least he's speaking the truth. The media makes Kanye sound like a douche.


Nice marketing stratergy bieber. . . .wel fuck u. . .

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