Judge to Lindsay Lohan: Get Your $h!t Together!!

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Judge Stephanie Sautner made it clear today that she is unimpressed with Lindsay Lohan and her progress, or lack thereof, in completing her probation.

The actress was reamed out at a progress hearing and told that she had better complete her community service within a year of sentencing - or else.

"I'm not going to give five extra minutes," she said, adding, "I don't want to hear, 'Oh, I couldn't do it because I was on the set of a John Gotti movie.'"

Lohan at Progress Report Hearing

The judge was frustrated that in two months since she somehow avoided jail for stealing a necklace, Lindsay has completed just four days out of 60.

Also upset that Lindsay had not enrolled in psychological counseling - as she's required to do - Sautner is giving her 21 days to sign up, or else!

The L.A. County Probation Dept. asked Judge Sautner to violate Lindsay's probation and remand her into custody for three alleged violations.

It's worth noting that two claims were bogus and the third - LiLo not returning a call from her probation officer - was resolved (she called back).

Judge Sautner made it very clear that she will revoke LiLo's probation if she doesn't get her a$$ in gear, but told off her probation officer, too.

Sautner called the officer's claims totally inaccurate and judge strongly implied the probation officer was unfairly gunning for Lindsay Lohan.

The probation officer's alleged beef with Lohan was threefold:

  1. Lindsay did not pay $3,900 in fees for community service. This was not a violation, however, has she has three years to pay these.
  2. Lindsay did not return the call of the probation officer. Again, the probation officer was wrong. Lohan actually left three messages.
  3. Lindsay did not prove to the department that she enrolled in her community service program, shoplifting program, and psychological counseling. Again, irrelevant. Lohan had to report these to the judge alone.

People connected with LiLo think the probation officer has an axe to grind. It looks like the judge agrees, as she wasn't moved by the claims.

Still, Sautner has her own gripes with the way Lohan has conducted herself, and the possibility of jail still looms if she keeps screwing up.

In other legal news, Lohan is being sued by Dawn Holland.

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How many breaks and excuses will the legal system keep making for this spoiled,alcoholic,drugged up and law breaking criminal? She's no different than the average citizen,so stop playing with her and lock her ass up!! The legal system seems to be geared to work for the wealthy and not the average citizen. If Wesley Snipes in jail, then Lindsay Loham's gotta go!!!!


Throw her in jail and throw away the key. She is definitely "no good" and doesn't deserve to walk on our earth. She can't afford the treatment... let her parents pay for it. They are what's the matter with this creature.
I am sick of reading about this person.


Why is the Media still reporting on this HASBEEN anyway? She ain't nothing but an alcoholic who will soon run out of money. How embarrassing losing her SAG insurance because she can't work because of legal issues and partying I say don't WASTE your time until she's ready to get her life together.


Jail - the quicker picker upper!
Some folks just need a good swift kick in the ego
a wake up call that she is just another schmoe like the other 7 billion of us


She says she can't afford therapy then goes to court wearing $1,000, L.V. shoes. Clueless! What is the attraction for this low life? She can't act, she's not pretty, she's a drug & alcohol abuser. Oh yeah, everyone enjoys a good train wreck.


when it comes to breaking the law every body should be treated equally with no exceptions,celebrity or no celebrity you must be punished for your crimes.


It's sad...celebs/sports stars/CEOs/politicians, etc. getting away with so much & still getting paid big bucks. She has lots of company & names aren't necessary. In one photo on this site she looks about 50 yrs. old. Is she even 30??? Everyone handles fame & fortune differently, but not always wisely. At the same time, they are the same as all of us - some seem to have it all, screw it up & there are few "visible" consequences (but it all comes around), while others work as hard as they can & seem to never get ahead...

Cheryl sirote

Every1 knew that she would get away with it. It seems that the courts just keep giving her chances and she still doesn't do what they say to do. Just throw her ass in a "real womens prison" in which we won't hear about her any more because no matter what they keep telling her to do she'll just keep giving excuses and not do what is ordered by the court. Any other person would of been put in jail and not given any chances that Linsey has been given over and over again.


This girl is trouble mann she thinks life can just be one big party. She looks makes herself appear vulnerable and you think she's lost but I think it's an act she's just a little sh!t wastin away a privileged life. Taking everything for granted fricken send her to live and labour in the slums of india or something. Ppl like her need to feel the real world.


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