Josh Hutcherson vs. Liam Hemsworth: Who Would You Rather...

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We don't wanna spoil The Hunger Games, but allow us to say this: As Katniss Everdeen, Jennifer Lawrence will have to do choose between Josh Hutcherson's Peeta and Liam Hemsworth's Gale.

We got our first look at these actors in those roles via this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly. As you can tell, the decision won't be easy.

But you can help Katniss make it! Study both actors below and answer the most pressing question of them all: Who would you rather...

And the Winner is?

Two Hunger Games actors. Two young studs. But only one winner can be selected between Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth. View Poll »

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I think Josh should win because in the Hunger Games Josh and Jennifer had romance and Jennifer didn't show that she liked or loved Liam :D


I really like the chioce for Peeta! I've seen him in other shows and have been REALLY impressed by his acting!!I guess Gale is ok. I liked him in Last Song but didn't find him super memorable in his acting! I agree with above comments though that I'm glad they are picking people that CAN ACT!!!


by da way i think TEAM PEETA


wat do u think?????????


i think team PEETA defo bc he is hot ya now n i havent seen da movie but i think KATNISS will end up with PEETA


Liam just doesn't fit the role of Gale. Sorry, that's just my opinion. It's not only that I don't find him handsome, though. It's just off, you know?


I grew up watching Josh Hutcherson's movies! I know he will make the PERFECT Peeta! He read all three books and the author had a say in casting him. Josh is also a total sweetheart, very down to earth and talented. J-HUTCH ALL THE WAY!!!!!


Who would I rather um idk I like them both I won't
Be calling any teams officially since I know who katniss ends up with!!!


ummm.... you guys r like stupid. peeta is supr hot and he doesn't deserve to b alone!


Ummmmmmm... I think Liam Hemsworth was a bad choice for Gale. But I looooove Peeta! Can't wait for the movie to come out! There can only be one biggest fan..... AND THAT'S ME!!!!!!!