Jose Baez Shopping Casey Anthony Interview to Networks

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Casey Anthony's lawyer Jose Baez is reportedly at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City, holding meetings with all of the major TV networks.

NBC, ABC and CBS are all competing for the first interview with the accused child murderer, and you can bet HUGE dollar amounts are involved.

Sources connected with the negotiations say there is a "big price tag."

Jose Baez Photo

The networks don't technically pay for interviews, however, they can offer to license photos and other material and pay whatever amount Baez asks.

NBC, which is paying for Baez's hotel room, looks like the frontrunner, but ABC is in the game, while CBS "is a distant third" to land the sit-down.

Baez spent part of last night in the hotel bar with famed lawyer Mark Geragos, whose clients include or included Michael Jackson, Susan McDougal (Whitewater), Greg Anderson (BALCO), Winona Ryder, Scott Peterson and Chris Brown.

Geragos, who is well-versed in high-profile cases and tricky negotiations such as this, reportedly gave Baez some advice in reaching a deal.

Whether or not Casey Anthony is back in Florida already, it looks like she'll only be in hiding - and flat broke - for so long.


The silence would be for Caylee.


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You know... Baez is going to capitalize on this too. A non-discript lawyer, who probably never won a case in his short career, thinks he's a hot commodity now. Well, they have each other now. Casey and Jose, doesn't that sound cute? I have an idea.... maybe he should hire Casey to babysit his 2 year old, while his wife is out spending his money and he is in court defending other murderers.


I want justice for Caylee too, but maybe, just maybe this is for the best. How so? Well... As everyone knows, Casey is a narcissist. She wants public approval and admiration more than anything else in the world. Just look at the lifestyle she led while her baby was missing. Now she will be shunned. She will NEVER have peace. Unless she drastically changes her identity and appearance, she will have a miserable life, always running, always having to look behind her. Even if she does change her name and appearance, she has a personality that will surface. It has to, that's who she really is. She loves to socialize and party, so she will be loose on drugs and alcohol one day and eventually spill the beans. At which point she may wish she were in prison.


to I hate you,
I will bet Gretta and I both are more educated then you.
I grew up white in a black neighborhood and still have many
blacks as friends. The jury system is not good. They usually
get those who could not get off jury duty. I am sure you would
join "Casey will you marry me" on a jury of peers.
As far as a job. I had one and now enjoy retirement on a gold course,after
Working for 38 years for one company. I started as an office boy and retired
as VP. A judge on a jury could explain more thoroughly EXACTLY what is
reasonable doubt and circumstantial evidence. This jury understood neither.
In a rush to get home they changed a 6-6 vote for manslaughter to 12-0 in
four hours. Something wrong there. I'll bet even your little mind could not
be changed in 4 hours on any subject.


To Jimslickatshort
Thank you for that insight on other countries Roman Law. I am going to research and keep working towards a more intelligent way to hear cases. If nothing else, our system is a gamble, with uneducated jurors.


whew! guess we don't have to worry this month - from the things written here it is easy to see all the rednecks got their social security, welfare and disability checks this month. maybe if the checks don't get mailed next month you might get off your ignorant backsides and get a life - better yet, get a job! ya'll should be happy casey anthony is alive. if not, then you would have to go out and find someone else to hate and feel superior to and lynch! you must really feel good about yourselves in church on sunday...Hee Haw - you all should know that TV show! bet you won't boycott that one


Gretta has it right. Our jury system is NOT THE BEST in the world. The guy with the sign "Casey will you marry me"
could have been a juror. Whose "peer" is he? One nut like him and he could hold up a verdict. Other countrys still
follow old Roman law. They actually have a judge, who follows a career path, not to be a lawyer first, but at the end of their university education choose to enter the judiciary. They have a probationary period of 5 years before being appointed as a judge for life. They sit in with lay jurors and decide the case. Wouldn't this have been some improvement on the 12 blind mice? The judge could have explained reasonable doubt and circumstantial evidence. The jury will have to live their entire lives knowing they didn't find justice for a beautiful bright little girl. Caylee will always be our
"You are my sunshine".


What is wrong with CBS, NBC, or anybody that want to pay for a bunch of lie's I will rip my TV's out of my home and strike out against any other the stations if that what kind of stuff they want to air, My 8yr old even know she did it, he keeps asking me why, I just tell him that, " That mom's head isn't right and no one will do anything to make her pay for what she did!" Anybody that sign's any kind of deals with these people will get what is coming to them.

Jonnetta boolman

ALL I GOT TO SAY IS SOME SICK MOTHERF***ERS. I WOULDN'T GIVE THAT B**CH A DIME OR ANY OF MY TIME!!!! I wouldn't give that CRAZZZZZY B**CH a freacking dime for nothing. Let her go hungry, LET her go with out a roof over her head,LET her go with out money, LET all doctors turn their backs to her, LET THE WHOLE TURN THEIR BACKS ON HER, IF YOU BUY ONE THING OFF THIS POOR LITTLE GIRLS MURDER YOUR A SICK ONE TO. I read about on computer but "I WILL NOT AND I MEAN WILL NOT WATCH THIS INTERVIEW". "I WILL NOT EVEN GIVE A DIME FOR THIS CRAZZZZZZZZY B**CH" If the money went to something good and this monster didn't get a dime of it, I MIGHT THINK ABOUT!!!!