John Legend Accused of Ganking Song from Some Dude

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John Legend has been called many things over his career: talented, hard-working, successful.

But this is a new one: A New Jersey songwriter named Anthony Stokes claims the musician is a hack.

According to court documents filed this week, Stokes says he gave Legend a demo tape in 2004 at the University of North Carolina. He never heard back from the famous singer... but then heard Legend's "Maxine's Interlude" and and believes it was based on Stokes' track, "Where Are You Now?"

Stokes is demanding damages from Legend and attempting to block sales of "Maxine's Interlude."

We've posted Legend's single above and you can listen to Stokes croon his song HERE. Think Stokes has a case?


I like John Legend but I have to say that I prefer the other guys version.


John Legend took to his twitter account last night about this. He said "I never have and never will steal another writer's song. Never heard this dude's song til yesterday. The case has no merit." and the other tweet was "I guess he thinks he can squeeze a little money & fame from this. We'll go to court and we'll win."

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